Synchroderm Plus: Pumping Up for Plumpy Skin

Once in a while, you need to take a break from all the stress that the world throws upon you. Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, when you feel threatened. This causes the body to be stimulated for emergency action.
stressed skin -

Stress affects skin tone

The skin is affected by the release of hormones in the human body. Skin problems or skin disorders are caused by stress or anxiety. Anxiety can also cause skin to turn red or pink around the head or face, as more blood flows in that direction. Any remarkable change in the skin tone is not caused by stress, but the skin texture is noticeably different.

The dull skin tone, on the other hand, is a result of loss in elasticity and moisture. The continuing stress at home or at workplace shows signs of skin breakdown as it stops producing regenerating cells. As an effect, fresh cells reach the skin’s outer part.

What better way is there than to unwind and relax while having a more vibrant and radiant skin?
wrinkles? dark circles? freckles? oily skin? uneven skin tone? dry skin? loose skin? open pores?


Why not try the Synchroderm treatment?

Synchroderm Plus treats WRINKLES, LOOSE SKIN, LARGE OPEN PORES, SKIN REDNESS, DARK SKIN and DARK CIRCLES under the eyes through laser diffusion.

The treatment only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. There is no downtine, wearing of makeup is allowed immediately after the treatment. Washing of the face is allowed the day after the treatment.It is advised to have one to two treatments per month to achieve maximum results. Desired results will be visible two to three months after the treatment.



3D Angel Lift Blog

3D Angel Lift: Non Surgical Face Lift

As we age skin elasticity reduces and our facial muscles and skin become loose and sagged over time due to volume loss and fat in our face, which make it droopy and wrinkles look visible.

Some people would go to the extent of plastic surgery or facelift surgery to address the sagging of their skin but with our technology today there’s no need to undergo with traditional facelift and suffer from a long recovery process in order to get rid of their sagging skin.

You don’t need to go under the knife. At Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics we offer a non-invasive treatment called 3D Angel lift,

3d Angel Lift is a non invasive face lift that uses a special thread, it is then inserted in a three-dimensional way, without the need of cutting the skin. It has a strong fibrosis effect will occur around the thread, tightening the skin and preventing future drooping of the skin.


Why would I choose 3D Angel Lift over Traditional facelift?

  • Minimal Downtime

The minor swelling and bruising can be easily concealed with make-up compare to the scarring due to traditional facelift. This also connotates a faster recovery.

  • Cost Effective

It shapes and lifts the face like the surgical facelifting but it is more affordable since it won’t need a lot of medical consumables.

  • Long Lasting Effect

Like traditional facelift it also lasts for 2-4 years.

If you’d like to know more about 3D Angel Facelift please call (+632) 491-0000 Makati Branch or (+632) 368-5240 Ortigas Branch or book a free consultation here at

Dental Implant now at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines

Dental Implants at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics now Available!

Tooth Implant  Shinagawa PH

Did you know that for every missing tooth you lose approximately ten percent of the ability to chew food. Not only that, the unsightly gaps also affects the way your teeth look which affects the way you feel.

You don’t have to worry now because Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines is now offering Dental Implants that provides comfort and the best solution for those are having issues of showing their teeth.


So, Why you should decide to undergo with dental implants? Here are the reasons why:

✓ No Slipping

Some dentures over time can move around in the mouth, which may caused you discomfort, fear of falling it out when you talk or give you chewing difficulties.

✓ It is Long Lasting

Traditional tooth replacement can last for only several years and at some point you need to replace it while implants can last a lifetime if it is properly taken care.

✓ It Acts like a Natural Teeth

It is undeniably more attractive than dentures since it looks like a real teeth which can give you more confidence to smile.

✓ Healthier Choice

It is easier to maintain and clean the dental implants than other tooth replacement alternatives such as dentures, which have more possibility to be exposed to bacteria causing infection in your gums.


With Shinagawa clinic’s team of professional and highly trained dentists, orthodontists and implantologists we assure a safe and healthy procedures of dental implants.

Want to have Dental Implants? For inquiries or schedule of your consultation you can contact us at 491-0000 Makati Branch or Book a Free Consultation thru our website

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effective ways to get rid of stretch marks

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks?  This is one of the issues that every woman hates about her skin. Visible lines appear on our skin because the dermis cannot stretch quickly as the body expands due to the rapid change in the body such as pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and for hereditary factors.

Luckily, there are still ways to prevent, reduce ,and remove the stretch marks.

You just need to invest time, money and make sure that you make it as your daily routine.

Here are some of stretch marks prevention and treatment:

  • Moisturize

Buy a cream or lotion that is  rich in in Vitamin E, since it has the ability to help the skin cells regenerate and replace the dead skin cells. While this may not totally remove the stretch marks, Vitamin E can improve your skin’s blood circulation that also helps in boosting the natural production of collagen making the skin firmer and more elastic.

Moisturize Shinagawa PH

  • Keep Hydrated

Water has the ability to detoxify your body that flushes the free radicals that contributes to drying and flaking of the skin.

Keep Hydrated Shinagawa PH


  • Exercise

Having regular exercise retains your skin elasticity by improving your blood circulation making it more able to stretch as it grows. Also when you exercise,the tendency is your muscles will strengthen and that will make your skin tighter.

Exercise Shinagawa PH


  • Have a Skin Nourishing Diet

The way we eat affects our skin. If you have a poor diet, it may slow down the skin cells’ activity in boosting production of collagen. Eat foods that are high in vitamin A,C, E and Omega 3, because those are the vitamins that protect the skin cell membrane, repair skin tissue and keep your skin glow.

Keep Noursishing Diet


  •  Stretch Mark Removal Creams

There are also effective creams that are intended to reduce or lighten the stretch marks, you just have to make sure that those creams are recommended by dermatologists to avoid skin irritation or rashes.





  • Laser Resurfacing Treatments

While there are topical creams available for stretch marks removal, we cannot assure how long you should use the products or how effective they are. Some tend to be ineffective since the products depend on case-to-case basis, like old stretch marks which are very hard to remove. With technology nowadays, it is possible to get rid of all your stretchmarks, whether they are old or new, and wherever part of your body they are on. Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment is one of the best procedures to treat those old stretchmarks that cannot be removed by skin products or ordinary laser treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser Shinagawa PH