What Ceramic Braces Can Do For You

What Ceramic Braces Can Do For You

While some people prefer the obvious “braces look”, there are still those who want to have a perfect smile without metals showing out. Aside from the difference in look, metal and ceramic braces vary when it comes to their cost.

Clear ceramic braces are here to provide better aesthetics along with some unique benefits.

ceramic braces Philippines

Pros of ceramic braces:

  • Main difference is appearance; almost unnoticeable
  • Not easily tainted by food and drinks. However, the elastic ties still get discolored due to smoking or food intake.

While conventional braces are still the most common, ceramic braces give patients and doctors an option depending on personal preference and need.

Ceramic Braces

Both the traditional and ceramic braces do the same job of aligning your teeth and making them better and stronger.

While there are certain conditions where one is preferred over the other due to our different tooth anatomy or the initial condition of teeth, either way, both are bound to benefit your teeth for a lifetime.

A straightened and healthy teeth due to braces make an individual chew, bit and even speak better. Moreover, braces contribute to stronger teeth and gums, making them easier to clean, brush and floss.

See and know what braces are the best for you, consult your orthodontist.

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Dehydration is Also Bad for the Skin

Dehydration is Also Bad for the Skin

Doctors constantly remind us to always hydrate to avoid negative health effects and it’s for good reasons. Not hydrating well enough will cause the body to have insufficient water to function properly.

Roughly, the human body is composed of 75 percent water. Without enough water, it will not be able to survive and function well.

Dehydration weakens our immune system temporarily and limits the function of the body for a time. At the same time, it also has bad effect on our skin.

Dry Skin Philippines

Dehydration leads to Dry Skin

In fact, dry or flushed skin may very well be a sign of dehydration.

A particular consequence of dry and dehydrated is a drastic increase in sensitivity. Furthermore, dryness and dehydration can be precursors to sensitized skin.

Also, when the skin is dehydrated, it generates more oil than usual to offset the minimal water in your body. This can then cause dry patches, breakouts and irritation. At the same time, will likewise feel dray and oily. 

Having dry skin can predispose you to problems like eczemas, itchiness and allergies.

Woman drinking water in Philippines

The answer to avoiding dehydration and dry skin

Aside from hydrating effectively to counter these effects of dehydration, moisturizing your skin properly and regularly is a good answer as well.

It is that important to hydrate properly everyday by drinking enough water or hydrating drinks for fluid intake. That way, we ensure ourselves of avoiding dehydration and irritation of skin as much as possible.

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Shinagawa Donates Collected Glasses to EyeCare WeCare through its SPECStacular Christmas Tree Campaign

Mission accomplished. Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics was thrilled to see the fruits of its SPECStacular Christmas Tree Campaign last Christmas season as it was able to gladly donate eyeglasses to its chosen charity.

The Hazardous Parasite that Can Lead to Blindness

The Hazardous Parasite that Can Lead to Blindness

Do you constantly wear contact lenses? You might want to learn about a parasite that can strike and cause blindness.

Acanthamoeba is one of the most frightening parasites in the world and that’s no exaggeration. Why? It is capable of harming eyes severely and can eventually cause one to be totally blinded.

It is found worldwide in a variety of fresh water sources all over. Anyone who gets contaminated water in their eye is at risk of infection.

Acanthamoeba Kerititis

Acanthamoeba Kerititis is a rare infection and eye disease that the parasite causes. Once Acanthamoeba gets to the eyeball, it then feeds off bacteria on the outer layer of an eye but eventually, it is bound to feed off the eyeball itself, causing significant damage.

Several studies show that 85 percent of people diagnosed with this rare eye disease are wearing contact lenses as the parasite tends to use them as a tool to penetrate its way.

Causes of Blindness

In fact, those who are diagnosed with Acanthamoeba Kerititis suffer from impaired vision, discomfort, eye redness and extreme pain as the disease damages the cornea extensively. Worse, they can eventually be blinded.

Yes, it can be that devastating. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Acanthamoeba, according to ophthalmologists, are extremely difficult to treat due to its impenetrable exterior, making it very hard to kill.

Aside from this terror that Acanthamoeba can cause, there are other parasites as well that can do harm to your eyes: (link of our previous blog on five parasite that can damage the eye).

Still, there’s nothing to worry about as prevention is always better than cure, particularly in this instance.

It is important to have your eye checked every time as it is necessary to ensure its health.

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The Power of Retainers after Braces

The Power of Retainers after Braces

It is an accomplishment for those who are wearing braces to finally have them removed once and for all. A better smile awaits without their brackets seen and they don’t need to worry anymore about the bits of food that get stuck in between every time they eat. However, their smiles are not totally free after removing these metal frames.

Since our teeth continually shift as we age, former brace-wearers are advised to use retainers to maintain its position. Retainers are custom-made devices that will hold the teeth in their new position.  

There is a high tendency that the teeth will gradually go back to its original place once their braces are taken out which makes the years of wearing them useless. This is called the orthodontic relapse. To guarantee that they can keep their ideal position, patients need to wear retainers.

Patients can choose between two types: removable and fixed retainers.

Hawley or removable retainers in the Philippines

Hawley or removable retainers are those which can be removed any time the patient desires. If the wearer feels any discomfort while eating, he/she can put it aside for a while in order for him/her to enjoy meal time. The orthodontist will prescribe how long these should be worn depending on the patient’s needs. It can be worn full-time for the first 12 months and if no movements are seen, patients can wear it only at night the following year.

invisible or Essix retainers in Philippines

Another removable type of retainer is invisible or Essix retainers. These are clear snaps that follow the entire arch of the teeth. The plastic makes it look like the patient is not wearing anything at all.

fixed retainers in Philippines

On the other hand, fixed retainers are those wires that are bonded at the back of the teeth. Higher maintenance is needed for this type since the patient cannot take it out for cleaning. Faithful visits to the practitioner for oral prophylaxis is needed. This type may last from 2-5 years depending on the care of the wearer.

Despite wearing braces for years, it might take some time for the wearer to get used to the feeling of having metals clinging on to their tooth surfaces. Having them can also be prescribed to those who are suffering from minor dental problems such as small teeth gaps.

As long as these retainers are thoroughly cleaned, they may last longer. Proper oral hygiene is the key to overall oral health.

Perfect smile do not happen overnight. One must be aware that gradual changes occur to the mouth which may not be noticeable at first but can cause problems in the long run. It is important to visit the dentist as often to know the necessary procedures to maintain a healthy set of pearly whites.

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