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Enrich Your Hair and Skin with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Self-sustainability is an efficient practice in this modern age. This is not only applicable to the environment but also in maintaining the skin. This is the Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP procedure. It has been used in the medical field to treat arthritis, ligaments/tendon sprains, and tears. In the Dermatology field, also known as the “Vampire Facial”. This procedure uses the patient’s own blood that rejuvenates the skin. Positive reviews all around the world with this treatment.

Here’s how it works, blood is collected from the patient; blood plasma is separated from the blood cells using an anticoagulant and spun in a centrifuge. Serum-rich platelets are extracted hence, Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP. This is then injected in problem areas which need to be treated in the deep dermis of the skin.

There’s a slim chance to no reaction at all since the blood will come from the patient who will use it. Natural, right? It gives radiant and glowing effects to the skin. It promotes the collagen production, tissue regeneration and tightens the skin naturally.Enrich your hair and skin with Platelet-Rich Plasma 2 | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

This treatment can be injected in the cheeks, laugh lines, crow’s feet eye area, chin, forehead, and areas with scars. Just a little discomfort is expected after the procedure. This is normal, do not worry. Some mild swelling and redness in the span of 3-7 days and cold compress are recommended to reduce swelling and bruising.

Shinagawa offers Dermlift PRP. A good 3-4 session with 4-8 weeks apart is advised for the regeneration of tissues and collagen production for promising results.

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Not only is the Platelet-Rich Plasma for maintaining a youthful appearance of the skin but also targets hair loss. Those who have high and receding hairlines, thinning hair, bald spots, and male-pattern baldness can benefit from the PRP Hair Loss Treatment. Not just for men but women are affected with hair loss too. This procedure stimulates the stem cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle. Aside from promoting hair growth, it also strengthens the hair follicle.

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Signs That Indicate You Already Need An Eye Exam

One of the most underrated facets of physical wellness is the importance of having healthy eyes.

The need to get eye exams on a regular basis is sometimes being overlooked and that is not a good sign, at least if you want to live a better life with a good vision and healthy eyes. You need to have your eyes checked just as much as you need your annual physical exams.

Having constant eye exams helps you take care of your eyes better. Eye exams promote eye health, prevent possible diseases and most importantly, help save your vision.

Regularly going to an ophthalmologist and/or optometrist at least once a year will most definitely help you maintain, or attain, a good eyesight and eye health.

Eye Exams | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

With that, here are some signs that you need to have an eye exam the soonest:

1. Experiencing constant eyestrain – While it is only a common condition that occurs when your eyes eventually get tired from intense use, eyestrain can damage your eyes. It can be very annoying, too.

An eye doctor can provide you with a corresponding prescription that can ease up eyestrain and make it easier for you to see. Timely eye checks and examinations will ensure that your eyes and vision will be properly monitored and given right prescriptions accordingly.

2. You might be at risk for eye diseases – If you know you happen to have diabetes along with other risk factors that can possibly lead to eye disease, it is very important to have your eyes checked every now and then, even if you wear glasses or not. That is to prevent and treat eye diseases.

Eye doctors have the ability to treat of slowing the process of eye diseases and conditions such as cataract, glaucoma or macular degeneration if they are caught and detected in their early stages.

3. Your frames are outdated – If you happen to have an eye grade and regularly wear eyeglasses and contacts, you have to make sure that they are not outdated. To be able to do so, it’s important for you to have your eyes checked to know what’s best for them. New and updated glasses or contacts may already be necessary for you.

4. Eye exams can help diseases be detected – Another key reason to have regular eye exams is that it can help in detecting various diseases. Since exams enable eye doctors to see inside the eye and observe, they can detect and monitor early signs of serious diseases such as high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis.

When your eye pupils are dilated, possible health concerns and problems can be seen, some things that are normally not revealed. Having a comprehensive eye exam is most certainly another way to monitor your overall health and wellness, aside from maintaining healthy eyes and vision.

Having a good and reliable eyesight is always critical as it will allow you to live a full life and make things easier for you.

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