Bryan Santos on His Dermlift PRP | Shinagawa feature Story

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Your Own Blood

Add radiance and glow with Shinagawa DermLift PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)! Long been overdue and also known as the “Vampire Facial”. Celebrity Bryan Santos for one is a big fan of this treatment. It does not just reverse early signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and acne scars. “I regularly have my bi-weekly facial at Shinagawa Aesthetics. I make it a point to visit the clinic when I get the chance for my usual treatments (Facial, Fractional, Synchroderm Plus, and Dermlift PRP) to offset the effects of all the makeup, sweat and lack of sleep from work,” as our DermLift PRP ambassador states.

Blood is extracted from the patient and plasma is separated from blood cells using an anticoagulant and spun in a centrifuge. Serum-rich platelets (which BTW is rich in growth factors) are used in this amazing procedure. This is when it becomes Platelet-Rich Plasma which is injected in the deep dermis of the patient’s skin.

Mild discomfort and swelling are to be expected after the treatment. Redness may occur (and is common) in between 3-7 days after the procedure. A cold compress is recommended to minimize swelling and bruising from the injection.

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Excessive Usage Of Phone Damaging To Your Eyesight | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Is Excessive Usage Of Phone Damaging To Your Eyesight?

Admit it, spending a lot of time on your phone is a daily routine. Almost everyone spends significant time every day staring at their phone and of course, you know you are one of them.

Given all the advancements in technology and applications, from watching on YouTube, being on Social Media or binge browsing, it’s no surprise that the time you spend on your phone has drastically increased over time.

However, the excess time that you spend on your phone can potentially have a significant impact on your eye health eventually.

Here are some effects that spending too much time on your phone can cause you:

1. Eye Strain – This is the most common effect that extended screen time can give you. When you stare at a digital screen, your pupils get a bit smaller in the process in order to adjust to the brightness. In the process, eye muscles tend to strain, tiring your eyes after prolonged periods of time.

2. Dry Eyes and Headaches – Extended digital screen time is also responsible for your dry eyes, which causes discomfort and itching. That is because you tend to blink less often when you stare at a screen for a prolonged period, lessening the moisture in your eyes.

Eyesight Problems Due to Excessive Phone Usage | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Alongside dry eyes, headaches are likewise a common side effect associated with eye strain, resulting in the typical high contrast in digital screens between bright backgrounds and dark fonts. These are called tension headaches and they are considered very common nowadays with the average amount of screen time gradually goes up.

3. Long-term Eye Damage – Staring too long at digital screens instantly causes short-term eyesight issues. However, recent in-depth studies also indicate that it may also have long-term effects on your eyesight as well. Studies show that the rate of nearsightedness is drastically on the rise due to the over usage of mobile phones.

If you’re used to spending countless hours on your phone, you better lessen that before it’s too late. It can cause your eyes a lot. Call Shinagawa for proper eye care.

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Will My Diet Change During Invisalign Treatment | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Will My Diet Change During Invisalign Treatment?

Those who undergo Invisalign Treatment more often wonder if their diet gets affected one way or another.

The answer is fortunately no.

For those who are used to braces, they might think that the same routine applies to Invisalign but apparently, that’s not the case.

While the wires and brackets of traditional braces may require some significant changes to one’s diet like avoiding sticky or hard foods that may pull the brackets off, it is a complete contrast with Invisalign.

The advantage with Invisalign is that you don’t have any restrictions on the foods that you regularly eat since your aligners are removable.

Many patients actually share that having Invisalign even helps in curbing their appetite while some stated that they’ve lost weight during the treatment.

This is practical because the Invisalign aligners are to be worn at least 22 hours per day in order to achieve the targeted and desired results.

In times that the aligners are taken out to eat, the tendency is to clean and rinse them before being replaced again. With this, the process of eating snacks throughout the day becomes quite lengthy and as a result, many patients share that they begin to avoid eating outside of regular mealtime.

One of the best benefits of Invisalign aligners is that they are significantly clear and hardly noticeable. Given this, it is advisable to avoid drinking some beverages that can stain or discolor your aligners such as soda, tea, or coffee.

Invisalign users also claim that drinking more water instead helps them avoid beverages that may not be good at all for their oral health or waistline.

Understand why Invisalign is an in-demand oral treatment these days. Shinagawa Orthodontics has all the answers for you.

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Six Skin Tightening Remedies | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Six Skin Tightening Remedies

We all have those days where we skip to our schedule in visiting our trusted medical friends in keeping our skin healthy, but did you know that there are also few things you can use that can be found in the comfort of your own home.

Here are six super easy skin tightening that can be found either your cupboard, fridge or pantry.
1. Coconut Oil

Derived from the flesh (white part) of the fruit. It is a staple in many kitchens that can also be used to tighten the skin. Considered a powerful antioxidant that works to eliminate free radicals that cause damages to the skin. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin, hence prevents sagging. You can use a teaspoonful and massage it into the skin in an upwards motion, this treatment is good before bedtime. You can also leave it overnight for more boost of healing.

2. Olive Oil

Used for ages even before hydrating creams and moisturizing lotions existed. In ancient times, olive oil is used as a cleaner, moisturizer and an antibacterial agent to give their skin a radiant glow and protect them from the sun. It contains high and powerful antioxidant, a healthy dose of vitamin E not just to tighten the skin but also protect from sun damage. After your evening shower, massage olive oil into your face and neck. Olive oil can be your substitute to your body lotion too.

3. Epsom Salt Soak

Technically, magnesium sulfate. It has been long used to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles, but little people know that it can also be applied to other parts of the body. Epsom salts pull off excess water from your body and improve circulation which, in turn, tightens your skin and prevent it from sagging.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt not just bring good benefits when eaten but you can also apply it on your skin for more smoother and tighten wrinkled areas. Just like most milk products, it contains lactic acid. When applied to your skin, lactic acid shrinks pores. To create a skin tightening yogurt mask, mix 2 drops of lime juice into 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Massage it for another 5 and rinse with warm water. This can be done twice a week.

Skin Tightening Remedies | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

5. Honey

Providing many important natural benefits to your skin. It has a marvelous job in keeping the skin hydrated, fighting free radicals with antioxidants, keeping your skin clean with antifungal and antibacterial properties and reducing redness with anti-inflammatory properties. All these benefits. All these can help prevent sagging and get you the smooth and lifted skin.

6. Fruits (Lemon, Papaya, Banana and Cucumber)

Fruits generally are generally rich in antioxidants which are good in fighting free radicals that cause the skin to age. These are 4 fruits that have great benefits in keeping your skin tight.
Lemon is high in vitamin C that helps boost collagen production and helps restore elasticity to your skin. It even has astringent properties that work as wrinkle fighting and skin tightening remedy.
Papaya contains enzymes called papain. Papain acts as a natural skin tightening treatment that makes the skin smoother and suppler. Papaya is also rich in vitamin A and antioxidants.
Banana is a beauty powerhouse. It is packed with iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C and D. These bring moisture and make skin suppler.
Cucumber is considered as one of the best natural skin toners. It tightens loose and saggy skin with any side effects or allergic reactions. It rejuvenates and refreshes tired skin to give the boost it needs.

You see, it’s not very hard to keep your skin supple. These home remedies bring aid along with medical treatments that are recommended by your dermatologists. Shinagawa offers a wide array of treatments in keeping your skin tight. Share us your own home remedy that completes your skin regimen.

Remedies for Skin Tightening | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

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'Soul Siren' Nina Hits Two Birds In One Stone After LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

‘Soul Siren’ Nina Hits Two Birds In One Stone After LASIK

A bright and precise vision can surely help a dream come true.

Such was the case for soul siren Nina.

Aside from her timeless singing career, Nina has a passion for doing makeups. In fact, it was her dream to put up a salon or makeup studio after learning and practicing the craft for quite some time now.

A few months ago, I started my journey with learning how to do semi-permanent makeup. A lot of my friends have been telling me to put up my own salon or makeup studio since they all know that I do my own makeup & hair during concerts,” shared Nina. “It didn’t interest me that much, though I gained a deeper knowledge of the craft. But this one sparked my interest, and the more I do it, the more I’m loving it even more.”

However, there was one important matter that was holding Nina back from pursuing her passion and ambitions.

“But to have precision in this craft, you have to have impeccable eyesight and I did not have that before.”

Nina decided to hit two birds in one stone by having Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa. That way, she can have a brighter vision and at the same time, pursue her looming career as a makeup artist.

“Shinagawa helped me achieve not only a 20/10 vision but an even better 20/10 vision, which is above than the normal eyesight. I can’t help but get teary-eyed because of the fact that I’m no longer wearing glasses. I’m just so overjoyed!” expressed the veteran singer.

Nina also described how her LASIK procedure went.

“I had my Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa. It was so fast, I think it was finished in just less than 10 minutes for both eyes. It was really painless. During and after the procedure, I was really comfortable as it was very lively and positive in the operating room, making it easier for me. It only took me a few minutes to get a clearer vision.”

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