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Get an Angel FACE Up-LIFT!

”THIS MORNING’S SUNRISE DOES NOT DEFINE ITSELF BY LAST NIGHT’S SUNSET.”   Who does not want to LOOK YOUNGER, MORE BEAUTIFUL AND RADIANT than ever before? Everyone has this desire to be GAZED at, ADMIRED, AWED and APPRECIATED, and what better way is there than to be PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE? At a glance, the face will be […]

Fresh Start with Perfect Vision

With the fast-paced world today, the hustle and bustle of people meeting deadlines, always rushing to accomplish their tasks, meet demands and expectations, and level up their status or position, whether at school or at work, or even just get household chores done, health is oftentimes taken for granted. One evident example is eye health. […]

The Happy and Satisfied Patients of 2015

We, at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics has cemented our status as the NO. 1 Lasik and Aesthetics surgery clinic. We have served over 3 million satisfied patients combined (lasik, aesthetics, and orthodontics) while ensuring the safest and highest level of treatments at a very reasonable price. We take pride to introduce the fastest LASIK technology […]