5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Wrecks Your Skin | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Wrecks Your Skin

“You got no rules, to be fabulous and gorgeous.” There are no rules for you to be pretty but abusing your skin by sleep deprivation can result in a bad effect your skin. Here are five reasons why lack of sleep can have long term damage to your skin. 1. Can make you look older […]

Key Precautions To Take After LASIK | Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

Key Precautions To Take After LASIK

Just like other surgeries and medical procedures, following the doctor’s orders, and necessary instructions are significant in LASIK to avoid any complications and have a successful process. As you may know, the recovery time for LASIK is drastically quicker compared to other surgeries. However, to make that possible, a patient also needs to do its […]

Rainier Placer Amazing Vision Recovery | Shinagawa PH

Captain Clear Eyesight: Rainier Placer’s Amazing Vision Recovery

When constant blurry eyesight already interferes with work, it is most certainly a cause of concern. That’s why when Rainier Placer’s vision already affected his job as captain of ships, he knew he needed to do something. His then 700/1,200 vision gave him a lot of difficulties for the longest time. “For 15 years of […]

Advantages That Dental Bridges Can Give | Shinagawa Dental Blog

Advantages That Dental Bridges Can Give

Dental Bridges is more than just a fixed dental restoration and replacing missing teeth. Compared to removable dentures, Dental Bridges are no joke when it comes to cleaning teeth. What’s convenient with Dental Bridges is that you don’t need to remove them. You just brush them just like you brush your teeth. Aside from that, […]

Enrich your hair and skin with Platelet-Rich Plasma 1 | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Enrich Your Hair and Skin with Platelet-Rich Plasma

Self-sustainability is an efficient practice in this modern age. This is not only applicable to the environment but also in maintaining the skin. This is the Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP procedure. It has been used in the medical field to treat arthritis, ligaments/tendon sprains, and tears. In the Dermatology field, also known as the “Vampire […]

Signs That Indicate You Already Need An Eye Exam | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Signs That Indicate You Already Need An Eye Exam

One of the most underrated facets of physical wellness is the importance of having healthy eyes. The need to get eye exams on a regular basis is sometimes being overlooked and that is not a good sign, at least if you want to live a better life with a good vision and healthy eyes. You […]

No Glasses, No Problem Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

No Glasses, No Problem: Rham’s New Adventure Starts With A Clearer Vision

For a lot of people, wearing classes can be agonizing. Rham Marco is one of those who was constantly having difficulties in wearing spectacles. She can’t stand the fact that she had to wear glasses every day just to be able to get through her various errands. “I’ve been wearing glasses for 5 years and […]

When Are Cataracts Bad Enough To Have The Need For Surgery | Shinagawa Cataract Blog

When Is The Right Time For You To Have Cataract Surgery?

When it comes to dealing with cataracts, one of the most commonly asked questions is: when is cataract bad enough to require surgery already? Well, identifying when to have cataract surgery can be simple. But if you take it upon yourself to monitor your cataract and have regular eye checkups, knowing when can be much […]

The Wonders of Water for our Skin | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

The Wonders of Water for our Skin

Our body is made up to 75% of water. Not enough intake can affect the largest organ, the skin. Signs like dryness and flaky skin will show if not hydrated properly. When these problems occur, our skin is more prone to wrinkles and age spots. Our bodies lose water in form of sweat and urine, […]

Four More Surprising LASIK Benefits | Shinagawa LASIK Blog

Four More Surprising LASIK Benefits

LASIK is known as a very effective procedure that gives a lot of people the bright vision that they always dreamed of having. Aside from that, it is also a given that LASIK can correct normal astigmatism. Still, LASIK provides even more benefits that you might not know. Here are four more unexpected advantages that […]