Dehydration is Also Bad for the Skin

Dehydration is Also Bad for the Skin

Doctors constantly remind us to always hydrate to avoid negative health effects and it’s for good reasons. Not hydrating well enough will cause the body to have insufficient water to function properly. Roughly, the human body is composed of 75 percent water. Without enough water, it will not be able to survive and function well. […]

The Hazardous Parasite that Can Lead to Blindness

The Hazardous Parasite that Can Lead to Blindness

Do you constantly wear contact lenses? You might want to learn about a parasite that can strike and cause blindness. Acanthamoeba is one of the most frightening parasites in the world and that’s no exaggeration. Why? It is capable of harming eyes severely and can eventually cause one to be totally blinded. It is found […]

The Power of Retainers after Braces

The Power of Retainers after Braces

It is an accomplishment for those who are wearing braces to finally have them removed once and for all. A better smile awaits without their brackets seen and they don’t need to worry anymore about the bits of food that get stuck in between every time they eat. However, their smiles are not totally free […]

Bad with Makeup? No Worries, Here are some Beauty Musts for You

Bad with Makeup? No Worries, Here are some Beauty Musts for You

The art of putting on makeup is a thing of beauty in itself but still, some find it difficult sometimes to deal with it the right way. Putting on the right makeup and using it effectively is easier said than done. It’s not actually as easy as what online tutorials demonstrate. Still, beauty is always […]


Parasites That Can Affect the Eye

Do you know that some parasites can severely cause damage to your eyes and affect them? You should know. Moreover, you, particularly contact lens users, must be wary about them to protect your eyes, accordingly. Here are five parasites that can seriously harm your eyes: Toxoplasma Gondii – is a single-celled, obligate intra-cellular parasite that […]

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The Appearance of your Teeth Affects Your Confidence

There’s no coincidence that a nice set of teeth and a captivating smile are often associated with self-confidence. How can a killer smile and a good looking teeth affect one’s confidence? Imagine yourself being in a meeting and having to talk for a presentation but you lack confidence knowing that the appearance of your teeth […]

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Are There Good and Bad Times To Have LASIK?

In terms of having LASIK surgery, many ponder if there’s a right and appropriate time to have it. Ideally, for 18 years old and above, the sooner, the better. Still, there are some isolated instances wherein LASIK needs to wait a bit. Sooner or later, if one can be a good candidate whichever way, having […]


Why Tooth Extraction Actually Helps

In popular belief, tooth extraction is supposed to be bad for us as it simply means we will have less teeth. However, it is important for you to know that tooth extraction is exactly the opposite. It indeed causes a lot of goods. Initially, no one wants to hear that they have to lose a […]

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Importance of Regular Dental Checkup

Most of us might think that our teeth are already in perfect condition, giving us the excuse to skip dental checkups and think that they don’t matter if they’re not needed. Admit it or not, most people today probably don’t give much importance to regular dental checkups. With our current lifestyle, with everything almost on-the […]

Keeping Your Grace and Looks as You Age

As we age, we become more conscious of how we look and how our overall appearance changes. However, aging doesn’t necessarily mean we have to look older. Of course, we would want to keep our fountain of youth for as long as we can. As much as possible, we all want to have the most […]