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Rising Trio Zhalia Combines Talent and Beauty for Success

Zhalia Before Treatment


Talent or striking demeanour? Why not have both when you can?

That’s what fast-rising group Zhalia did when it was officially launched for mainstream recently. The blossoming musical trio is enjoying an upsurge in success and popularity with their music and talent being recognized more and more as they make more noise.

The group is composed of Jetz Tacsanan, Shaira Opsimar and Julia Serad, who all presents scintillating voices and musical styles.

With Zhalia, the talent is always there but the beauty inside all three of them is just waiting to be unleashed as well.

Through Shinagawa’s helping hand and difference-making presence, the talented triumvirate underwent successful enhancement procedures to complete its stunning transformation.

Zhalia After Treatment


Recently, Zhalia harnessed the benefits of Shinagawa’s tried and tested aesthetics services such as: slimming, skin whitening, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation for further beauty enhancement.

Now, they have a stunning persona and an oozing confidence to go along with their undeniable talent as they continue to embark on taking the music scene by storm. The difference is simply stunning!

Zhalia, a name coined from the names of its members, is a rising musical girl group hailing from Davao. The trio represented the Philippines in the renowned World Championship of Performing Arts in 2015 in Long Beach, California and took home five gold medals for five various styles (RnB, Open, Variety, Pop and Gospel) as they started making noise and recognition.

The trio rose to prominence when they became one of the most in demand acts in Davao, performing in weddings, hotels, events and mall shows, among others.

They continue to soar to new heights as they captivate more fans through their music in gigs, shows, concerts and contest.

With Zhalia’s oozing talent and boosted appeal, sky is the limit indeed.

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Reducing the Growth of your Unwanted Hair

Tired of constantly shaving or plucking your unwanted hair? Maybe it’s time to throw your razors and wax strips away and start undergoing laser hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light Removal for your own good.

These treatments will not get rid of stubborn strands permanently, but they will certainly reduce the possibility of regrowth. These solutions are proven while the pain level depends on the patient’s tolerance. The results are immediately noticeable as early as two sessions.

The lasers are absorbed by the melanin pigment of the skin which helps slow down future hair growth. It can be done on the armpits, shoulders, bikini line, legs and other parts of the body.

Aside from the unpleasant look it gives afterwards, shaving can make the growing hair a bit thicker and coarser, doubling the hassle. Also, hair growth can occur as early as two days, resulting to time consuming maintenance. You are not just trimming the hair but you are also giving yourself a darker and bumpy skin.

As for plucking, the hair will become finer and will take several days to regrow but the time spent on getting each strand is time-wasting. Most people cannot withstand the pain of waxing, crossing it out of the possible options.

There is no machine that can permanently remove unwanted hair. Once your target number of sessions are achieved, booster sessions may still be necessary to ensure that your body remains hair-free.

Shinagawa offers Ultima Hair Removal and Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal. Both treatments effectively remove unwanted hair in several sessions with weekly intervals.

For appointment:

Patient Care Line (+2) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217

3D Angel Lift Blog

3D Angel Lift: Non Surgical Face Lift

As we age skin elasticity reduces and our facial muscles and skin become loose and sagged over time due to volume loss and fat in our face, which make it droopy and wrinkles look visible.

Some people would go to the extent of plastic surgery or facelift surgery to address the sagging of their skin but with our technology today there’s no need to undergo with traditional facelift and suffer from a long recovery process in order to get rid of their sagging skin.

You don’t need to go under the knife. At Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics we offer a non-invasive treatment called 3D Angel lift,

3d Angel Lift is a non invasive face lift that uses a special thread, it is then inserted in a three-dimensional way, without the need of cutting the skin. It has a strong fibrosis effect will occur around the thread, tightening the skin and preventing future drooping of the skin.


Why would I choose 3D Angel Lift over Traditional facelift?

  • Minimal Downtime

The minor swelling and bruising can be easily concealed with make-up compare to the scarring due to traditional facelift. This also connotates a faster recovery.

  • Cost Effective

It shapes and lifts the face like the surgical facelifting but it is more affordable since it won’t need a lot of medical consumables.

  • Long Lasting Effect

Like traditional facelift it also lasts for 2-4 years.

If you’d like to know more about 3D Angel Facelift please call (+632) 491-0000 Makati Branch or (+632) 368-5240 Ortigas Branch or book a free consultation here at http://shinagawa.ph/contact-us/

Why You Should Visit an Aesthetic Clinic-shinagawa.ph

Why You Should Visit an Aesthetic Clinic?

  • To Improve Appearance

Because we want to settle not only for a better look but the best look. To treat those uneven skin tones, dark underarms that’s keeping us from wearing those trendy and flashy clothes, or undergo a mommy makeover that will remove those stretch marks from giving birth.




  • To Boost Confidence

When you look good, you feel good.  This might be a cliche but it’s an unmistakable cliche. Having those pimple breakouts and deep acne scars make us feel insecure, we tend to compare ourselves to others who are born with porcelain-like skin.



  • To Get Rid of the Fear of Looking Old

We know a lot of people who encounter this phase of life but there are people who suffer from depression having those wrinkles and fine lines. We cannot deny that there are a lot of things to enjoy when we look younger than our age; such praises that we get from maintaining our youthful beauty that makes us feel good.

Fear of Looking Old-Shinagawa.ph


  • To Open More Opportunities

Because Beauty is an Investment, a lot of people get a big change on careers after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Some even get a job in modelling on print ads or even commercials.

It becomes a bridge to a more rewarding career, since we know that beauty is one of the standard requirements for most of the jobs now.

People who also work for an industry that has age requirement are able to maintain their job because of the way they look.


Beauty is an Investment-shinagawa.ph


With the help of technology today and a reputable Aesthetic Clinic with highly trained dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, aging can be reversed, beauty will be restored and all these opportunities to improve oneself will become available.




Solutions to Thinning Hair And Balding: Hair Transplant And PRP

There are many different causes of hair loss from anemia, illnesses and infections, stress, crash dieting etc. but the most common hair loss problem is caused by genetics. There is a high possibility that you may have a family member (whether mother or father’s side of the family) that have a hereditary type of hair loss which we all Androgenetic alopecia.

Both men and women can be affected by hair loss. We call them Male Pattern hair loss (MPHL) or Female Pattern hair loss (FPHL). The extent of the hair loss will depend on the extent of hair loss in the family. Some people have it earlier in life than others. Some have minimal thinning of hair whereas others have extensive hair loss and balding.

There are various treatments for hair loss but the standard treatments are still medical treatments using topical Minoxidil and oral Finasteride. Other supportive treatments include LLLT (low level laser treatments), herbal hair treatments, use of hair fibers that camouflage thinning hairs and wigs/weaves.

Hair transplant surgery is also one of the most important ways of restoring hair that has been lost. The latest technologies and techniques in hair transplantation are much refined from its humble beginnings of hair plugs and ugly “dolls head” results. Today’s hair transplant surgery transfers your strong hairs individually in their normal hair follicle units onto your thinning/balding scalp with a technique that ensures results looking as natural as possible.

Aside from hair transplant surgery, several researches have proven the use of PRP injection (Platelet rich plasma) on patients with MPHL causing significant hair growth. This technique entails a simple blood extraction and taking a part of the blood (platelets) to be injected onto the scalp using the smallest needle. These platelets were found to contain Growth Factors that stimulate hair regrowth.