Dealing with Acne the Right Way

Sunblock CreamOne nagging problem for most people, especially teens and those in their early to mid-20s, is dealing with acne all over our body.

Pimples can be annoying, or even painful at times, and finding the right treatment for them and for the skin can sometimes be very challenging. Given the desire to get rid of them, people tend to experiment treatments and not all of them are effective after all.

Salmon FishHere are some proven tips that can help treat your acne:

  1. Glycolic Acid Cleansers and Lotions – Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and it strongly helps to exfoliate the skin and unplug pores. In addition, it is also proven to be anti-aging as well!
  2. Give up the sugar – It’s tough but it’s possible. Giving up sugars in your daily food intake will be a huge boost for your skin. Sugars tend to increase hormones that pushes oil production, primarily the cause of acnes. Having a sugar-less diet will help prevent oil production and acnes as well.
  3. Take Omega 3’s – If sugar is a no-no, omega 3 is certainly a boost in terms of dealing with acne. Fishoil Gelcaps are effective anti-inflammatory and help fight pimples and aid the skin in maintaining good health.

Those are some in-a-snap tips that can give your skin the healthy glow that it is seeking.

Still, there are more advanced treatments that can give you further results in terms of saying goodbye to all those acnes as they should be given the right and proper attention.

At Shinagawa, we offer the finest aesthetics services that will surely help you and your skin shine. We offer Anti-Acne Facial, Dermlift PRP, Synchroderm Plus, Fractional Co2 Laser and ShrinkAge, among others, to help patients take care of their skin, accordingly.

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