FaceSlim: Beautifully Sculpted and Defined Face!

Having a sexier and slimmer face has always been a beauty craze here in the Philippines due to influence of media.

For this reason some people would go under the knife just to have that desire to look good and that would cost thousands of bucks, but some are finding alternatives to save and also to escape from the painful surgical procedure.

With such demands Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics provided a new service called FaceSlim which solves the need to have that picture perfect look.

FaceSlim is an effective non-invasive Face Contouring that uses natural plant-derived component that dissolves the excess fats to achieve a well-defined jaw and chiseled face.



Highlights of FaceSlim

  • It is Safe and Healthy

The procedure is done through carefully injecting this natural fat burning solution that promotes blood circulation that has anti inflammatory properties so there’s no need to worry about bruises and swelling.

  • It Rids the Face Fat in a Swift

Those people who gain and lose weight usually experience the stubborn fat in the face and chin that full body exercise cannot perform. With FaceSlim, one can get an instant sexier face without the burden of waiting the result of body workout.

  • No Downtime

Compare to surgical face liposuction that requires days of recovery, FaceSlim assures that you can go back to your normal day routine right after the treatment since it is only an injection and its anti-inflammatory properties will prevent your skin from swelling.

To Achieve a Younger and Sexier Looking Face you can call our beauty consultants at 491-00-00(Makati Branch) / 368-52-40 (Ortigas Branch) or Book a FREE CONSULTATION here on our website http://shinagawa.ph/contact-us/

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  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    More details for the FaceSlim procedure, please. Price per session/package? Recommended sessions? Frequency/maintenance?

  2. marianne sison
    marianne sison says:

    How much does face slim cost? will it get rid of my fat in the cheeks as well as my double chin in one treatment?


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