FaceSlim: Slimmer and Beautifully Sculpted Face

Having a slimmer and well-contoured face has always been a beauty goal of most people, especially women. Aside from making the face appear thinner, it also gives a more striking look, which is one-step closer to looking like the stunning celebrities and high fashion models we see on TV.

For this reason, some people would willingly pay large sums of money and go under the knife just to have their excess facial fats removed. In the recent years, however, more and more are looking for cheaper and less invasive alternatives to painful surgical procedures.

With such demands, Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics has offered a new aesthetics service called FaceSlim, which solves the need to have a slimmer, beautifully sculpted, and picture-perfect face without surgery.

FaceSlim is an injection treatment that uses natural plant extracts to dissolve excess fats in the face, usually on the cheeks, chin, jowl, and upper neck.



Highlights of FaceSlim

  • It is Safe and Healthy

The procedure uses a micro needle to carefully inject the natural fat burning solution into the target areas of the face. This process promotes blood circulation and the solution has anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents swelling and redness after the procedure.

  • It gets rid of fats in a short period of time

The fat burning solution immediately works to melt out excess fats, giving an instantly slimmer face after the first session. For best results, however, an average of 4 sessions with 1 week interval is recommended..

  • No Downtime

Compared to surgical procedures that require days or weeks of recovery, FaceSlim patients can go back to their daily routine right after the treatment.

Like most slimming procedures, the result of FaceSlim lasts depending on lifestyle. If combined with healthy diet and exercise, patients can maintain their slimmer and beautifully sculpted face for a long time.

To achieve a slimmer, beautifully sculpted, and selfie-ready face, call our beauty consultants at 491-00-00 (Makati) or 368-52-40 (Ortigas) or request a FREE CONSULTATION at http://shinagawa.ph/contact-us.

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  1. Ana
    Ana says:

    More details for the FaceSlim procedure, please. Price per session/package? Recommended sessions? Frequency/maintenance?

  2. marianne sison
    marianne sison says:

    How much does face slim cost? will it get rid of my fat in the cheeks as well as my double chin in one treatment?


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