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Gwen Zamora gets #REBORN at Shinagawa

Actress Gwen Zamora discovered a new beauty treatment called #REBORN at Shinagawa Aesthetics Center. The Filipina-Italian beauty was one of the clinic’s first clients to try out the new premium derma service.

Gwen got #REBORN to get rid of the dark circles under her eyes and rejuvenate her dull skin from lack of sleep.

Calling Shinagawa her favorite clinic, Gwen eagerly promoted #REBORN via Instagram and Facebook on her treatment day. She also brought home skincare products from CELESTY, a brand she has been endorsing for years.

#REBORN (which stands for Rejuvenate, Enrich, Brighten, Oxygenate, Regenerate, and Nourish) combines Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy with laser resurfacing to achieve safe and natural skin rejuvenation.

The procedure begins by extracting the patient’s blood. The blood is then processed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP—known to contain growth factors that promote tissue repair and collagen production—from the rest of the blood cells. After that, the PRP is injected back into the skin.

This will be followed by laser resurfacing wherein the laser energy is directed into the treated areas of the skin, penetrating its dermal layer to hasten the process of tissue repair and collagen formation. The laser treatment also gives an instant tightening and face-lifting effect.

Taking only around 20 to 40 minutes, #REBORN is a highly recommended treatment for early signs of aging, including dark circles, under-eye puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and saggy skin. It can also heal pitted acne scars and improve overall skin.


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