How Improper Use of Contacts Can Lead to Blindness

How Improper Use of Contact Lenses Can Lead to Blindness​

Wearing contact lenses? Make sure you use them right.

You might not be aware but you might be wearing your contacts the wrong way. Improper usage of contact lenses can cause eye damage and it can likewise lead to blindness on a worst case scenario.

There are bad habits in wearing contacts that should be avoided to avoid any complications. Here are some of them:

Sleeping in your contacts

  1. Sleeping in your contacts – Doing this deprives your eyes of oxygen and that then leads to swelling of the cornea, creating gaps that appear in the eye’s surface cells which helps germs get in faster. These little plastics can often generate germ build-up. Imagine those germs as we stick them onto our eyes?According to studies, sleeping with contact lenses can make one up to eight times more prone to getting an eye infection, which can cause damage and possibly, blindness.Not replacing contacts on time
  2. Not replacing contacts on time – While diligently taking off your contacts every night is a good thing, problems can also occur through delays in changing your contacts.Not replacing them on time can also be problematic as contacts have their limits, too. The longer lasting types are more durable but still, they cannot totally protect you from germs if you don’t change them once necessary.Not replacing storage
  3. Not replacing storages – Some people think that it is not that necessary to replace the case of contact lenses. They’re wrong.Just like the actual contacts, cases are actually supposed to be replaced every three months. Failure to do so can likewise cause bacteria build-up.
    Improper use of cleaning solutions
  4. Improper use of cleaning solutions – Cleaning solutions have instructions in terms of their right usage and that’s for a good reason. That should be followed, accordingly, instead of just topping cases with solutions right there and then.Water
  5. Using tap water as a replacement for cleaning solutions – Clean water is good most of the time but not in this case. Microorganisms there might be safe to drink but they are not necessarily safe for your eyes, hence, the need for specialized solutions.Dirty Hands
  6. Not washing hand before using and cleaning contact lenses – Our hands go through a lot every day and it is only essential for us to wash them every now and then to keep it safe from germs. Sometimes, people are too lazy to wash before using contacts and obviously, there is a good chance that there are germs there that can be transferred.

Now that you know, make sure you prevent any damage to your eyes with the proper usage of contacts.

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