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Celebrity Testimonials

Joseph Yeo

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly amazing! It’s painless, blade-less and safe. I should have done it earlier… Now I can see the goal from the half court line more than enough for a winning shot!”

Joseph YeoProfessional Basketball Player
Alex Cabagnot

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly remarkable. I feel better with my new vision. People in the clinic are very helpful and accomodating. I’m happy with the results. With my clear eyesight now, playing basketball is a lot more competitive. I highly recommend Z-LASIK!”

Alex CabagnotProfessional Basketball Player
DJ Naya of Wave 89.1

“I’d been thinking of getting LASIK done for quite some time. I’ve been wearing glasses forever since I was 9 years old and contacts since High School. Then, I heard about Shinagawa LASIK Center. After doing some research, I decided to go with them.

I was scared of undergoing LASIK at first but when I met Dr. Jaime Dinglasan, he assured me of a safe procedure. I was relieved and relaxed. I then went through with the ULTRA LASIK procedure.

The surgery was indeed painless and quick! Everything looked great after. My vision immediately went from 600 to 20/12 (better than 20/20) and it keeps on improving!

I feel like a new person. I love not needing glasses or contacts anymore. What a convenience! It is complete freedom!

Thanks for the staff at Shinagawa for being wonderful and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Shinagawa and Dr. Dinglasan to anyone thinking of undergoing LASIK. Through Shinagawa, my eyes are opened to a whole new world of opportunities and activities.”

DJ Naya of Wave 89.1Broadcaster/Radio DJ
Jae Pickrell of Preview Magazine

“LASIK will get you a clearer perspective on things—literally. If you’ve worn lenses of any kind for practically your whole life, I can bet you’ve fantasized about having LASIK.

The prospect of traveling with eyesight so sharp was just too appealing not to turn into reality. I went to Shinagawa LASIK Center to have my myopic eyes administered to. It was pain-free and fast, lasting all of only 10 minutes!

I went from Gaussian-blur mornings to crystal HD all day, every day, real quick after LASIK at Shinagawa!”

Jae Pickrell of Preview MagazineWriter
Aljon Mariano

“Having LASIK surgery is a life-changing experience, thanks to Shinagawa. It’s just amazing how quick and painless it was. It took only seven minutes for both eyes. The results are unbelievable. I can now see the world in high-definition. From grade 325, I am now enjoying my 20/20 vision just a day after the procedure.”

Aljon MarianoProfessional Athlete
Marc Logan

“At first, I gave LASIK a little over 50 percent trust and approval that it could do wonders for my eye sight, considering my age and my frequent computer usage relative to my work as a broadcast journalist. I told myself, I will be satisfied if it can at least rid me of my eye glasses. But after a month since I had my procedure, I was so amazed with the result.

I’m back to 20/12 vision! I really did not expect this to happen. Now, I trust and approve LASIK 100 percent.

Now, I can read text messages on its regular font size crystal clear and enjoy my preview of videos for my 22-year-old TV segment — Mga Kwento Ni Marc Logan. Thanks a lot Dr. Jaime Dinglasan, Jr. and the rest of the super friendly and accommodating doctors and staff of Shinagawa Lasik Center. Amazing job!”

Marc LoganTV/radio Host and News Icon
Riva Quenery

“I started wearing prescription glasses in grade school until my grade reached 500. My glasses were quite bothersome to my dancing routines so I wore contacts, but it can get uncomfortable and the longer I had them on, the more my eyes felt tired. Despite the discomfort, I had to continue wearing them because I needed clear eyesight for movement awareness when performing on the dance floor, especially when I became a member of ABS-CBN Showtime’s Girltrends.

Fortunately, I had the chance to undergo LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center. Their state-of-the-art equipment and proficient eye specialists brought back my perfect vision. The surgery was really quick (less than 10 minutes) and absolutely pain-free.

After 10 years of struggling, my eyes are now perfectly fine—from 550 to 20/10 vision, even better than 20/20. WOW! Thank you so much, Shinagawa! You are such a blessing! Until now, I’m still in awe.”

Riva QueneryActress/Dancer

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