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Celebrity Testimonials

Zeus Collins

“Finally, everything is much clearer! Big thanks to LASIK and to Shinagawa for making it possible!”

Zeus CollinsDancer/Actor
Aiko Climaco

“I’m so happy that I got to experience the latest LASIK surgery at Shinagawa. It took only 7 minutes for the procedure with no pain at all.

From 300 grade vision, I am now at 20/10! Yes, even better than 20/20! For almost 10 years, I’ve been wearing glasses and graded contact lenses and now, I’m no longer putting any of them.

Thank you very much to Shinagawa for making sure that I am all taken care of and to all the staff who’s very sweet, funny and accommodating and to our ophthalmologist, Dr. Francis Albert Guerrero. So much love to all!”

Aiko ClimacoActress/Model/Dancer
Maica Palo

“Like most, I also had difficulty with my vision since I was 18. Contact lenses and eyeglasses helped me over the years but those aren’t enough to enjoy a clear vision, especially when I’m in the gym or doing outdoor activities.

Then, I discovered that there is now a great and easy way to enhance my vision through LASIK surgery at Shinagawa. Without hesitation, I availed their Z PRIME LASIK. At first, I got nervous but to my surprise, I am shocked that in just less than 10 minutes, the operation was finished right away without feeling any pain at all!

From 280/20, my vision is now beyond perfect at 20/12! It’s amazing how quick the surgery was and after just a day, I was already back to work like nothing happened except now, I can see everything in high quality!

On the day of the operation, the Shinagawa staff explained everything step-by-step to make the procedure easier. Thanks for the very helpful and friendly ophthalmologist of Shinagawa in Ortigas, Dr. Guerrero.

My Shinagawa experience is life changing!”

Maica PaloActress/Model
Joseph Yeo

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly amazing! It’s painless, blade-less and safe. I should have done it earlier… Now I can see the goal from the half court line more than enough for a winning shot!”

Joseph YeoProfessional Basketball Player
Alex Cabagnot

“Z-LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly remarkable. I feel better with my new vision. People in the clinic are very helpful and accomodating. I’m happy with the results. With my clear eyesight now, playing basketball is a lot more competitive. I highly recommend Z-LASIK!”

Alex CabagnotProfessional Basketball Player
DJ Naya of Wave 89.1

“I’d been thinking of getting LASIK done for quite some time. I’ve been wearing glasses forever since I was 9 years old and contacts since High School. Then, I heard about Shinagawa LASIK Center. After doing some research, I decided to go with them.

I was scared of undergoing LASIK at first but when I met Dr. Jaime Dinglasan, he assured me of a safe procedure. I was relieved and relaxed. I then went through with the ULTRA LASIK procedure.

The surgery was indeed painless and quick! Everything looked great after. My vision immediately went from 600 to 20/12 (better than 20/20) and it keeps on improving!

I feel like a new person. I love not needing glasses or contacts anymore. What a convenience! It is complete freedom!

Thanks for the staff at Shinagawa for being wonderful and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Shinagawa and Dr. Dinglasan to anyone thinking of undergoing LASIK. Through Shinagawa, my eyes are opened to a whole new world of opportunities and activities.”

DJ Naya of Wave 89.1Broadcaster/Radio DJ
Jae Pickrell of Preview Magazine

“LASIK will get you a clearer perspective on things—literally. If you’ve worn lenses of any kind for practically your whole life, I can bet you’ve fantasized about having LASIK.

The prospect of traveling with eyesight so sharp was just too appealing not to turn into reality. I went to Shinagawa LASIK Center to have my myopic eyes administered to. It was pain-free and fast, lasting all of only 10 minutes!

I went from Gaussian-blur mornings to crystal HD all day, every day, real quick after LASIK at Shinagawa!”

Jae Pickrell of Preview MagazineWriter

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