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“My eye grade went from 650/650 down to 20/15 right after my LASIK surgery. Finally saying goodbye to contact lenses and glasses! So thankful for Shinagawa.

I’m so glad I got my LASIK at Shinagawa because my recovery was so breezy and so easy. There was no pain at all during the surgery. It’s actually painless and bladeless.

I was able to see perfectly well soon after. I was so blown away as everything is so HD! It helps a lot, especially now that I’m travelling. Shinagawa is really the best!

Kim CruzSocial Media Influencer

“Four eyes no more! I used to have 375/350 eye grade before having LASIK at Shinagawa but just shortly after, I now have not just a 20/20 vision, but a beyond perfect 20/10 vision!

It was truly life-changing to wake up and finally not needing to reach for my glasses to be able to see the world so clearly!”

Camille CoSocial Media Influencer

“Bye eyeglasses! Shinagawa’s ULTRA LASIK procedure took only around 10 minutes and it gave me a 20/10 vision the soonest.

Shinagawa aimed for the best outcome and what’s best for me, and it was able to deliver!”

Nicole CordovesModel/Host

“My LASIK at Shinagawa lasted for less than 10 minutes and I am ecstatic to share that my vision is now 20/12 compared to 175/175. Gone are the days that I have to look for my glasses in the morning and I couldn’t find it because my son misplaced it, somewhere only he knows where! And no more wearing contact lenses for me. LASIK is truly life changing! Thank you Shinagawa!”

Regine AngelesModel/Actress

“I underwent LASIK at Shinagawa and it was very worth it. I now have a 20/10 vision!

It was very fast without any pain at all. It was basically 5 minutes for each eye and suddenly, your eyesight is bright already.

So, what made me say yes to LASIK?

First, I don’t want to wear glasses anymore. My eye grade is actually not that high compared to others, but I just really can’t take the hassle of wearing glasses anymore. Second, I am so into small bags at the moment and if I continue to have glasses and eye kit to go along, it will take up a lot of space. Lastly and most importantly, I just really want my eyesight to be bright. I want that vision that can read and identify people even from afar.

Big thanks to Shinagawa for giving me this opportunity to experience clear vision.”

MimiyuuuhOnline Sensation/Influencer

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