KAMRA inlay procedure helps restore near vision and eliminates the need for reading glasses in people with problems seeing up close due to presbyopia but still have good distance vision. It provides a natural range of vision—from near to far—without blurry zones. It also provides long-term performance that delivers clear near vision even as presbyopia progresses.

Kamra inlay is implanted in the cornea, positioned in a way that its central opening is directly in front of the pupil of the eye. This creates a “pinhole camera effect,” which helps expand the range of clear vision to bring near objects into sharper focus while maintaining clear distance vision.

The adjustable pocket software of the FEMTO LDV Ziemer 6 (the most premium and a real breakthrough FEMTO laser technology) can be used to create an intrastromal pocket for insertion of the corneal inlay while its low-energy pulses can create smooth stroma bed and gentle resection, resulting to a very fast visual recovery.