Extended Anniversary Promo

Extended Anniversary Promo

Our treat — 50% *discount on our Top 7 Derma & Aesthetics Services. Hurry and register with our Beauty Consultant today!

*Discounts are limited to 7 slots per service only. Offer is valid until 7 clients have registered and availed.

Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Center celebrates 7 years of service excellence and customer satisfaction. As we celebrate this milestone, we aim to share our success with the people who made it happen — YOU!


Fractional Laser CO2 (Face)
Skin resurfacing proven effective for acne scars, skin pigmentation and discoloration

Fractional Laser CO2 (Abdomen)
Proven effective to minimize stretch marks and scars, boost collagen production

Dermlift PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Promotes skin healing and regenerates tissues, reverses early signs of aging and boosts collagen production

Hair Regrowth PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Boosts hair growth and strengthens existing hair follicles

Ultima Laser Hair Removal (Armpits)
Safe, fast, and permanent solution to unwanted hairs to save you from hassle of shaving and waxing

Using Infrared Technology, it firms and tightens sagging skin and stimulates collagen growth

SynchroDerm Plus
A laser treatment that shrinks pores, lessens dark circles around the eyes and improves skin texture and elasticity.

Offer ends September 30, 2017.​

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Makati Branch: +2 491 0000
Ortigas Branch: +2 368 5240