Shinagawa Hosts an Intimate Media Lunch at Hotel Celeste

It was a rainy Monday last July 6 when Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics welcomed their friends from the media to an intimate lunch at Hotel Celeste. Upon their arrival, special guests from various print and online publications were welcomed into Lucia Restaurant where a sumptuous full course meal awaited them.






One of Shinagawa’s celebrity endorsers, singer / songwriter / model Mica Javier graced the event with her presence. She shared her experience with Shinagawa and how it has changed her life for the better.



An insightful talk was given by one of our exceptional doctors, Dr. Jocelyn Navalta. As the guests enjoyed their dessert and coffee, Dr. Navalta talked about Shinagawa’s Premium Services, specifically the most in-demand services, 3D Angel Lift, Dermlift PRP and Premium Hair Removal.



Everyone was also free to try best-selling Celesty products such as BB Cream, the Perfect Nude Concealer, and Wrinkle Eliminator, among others.



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