Solutions to Thinning Hair And Balding: Hair Transplant And PRP

There are many different causes of hair loss from anemia, illnesses and infections, stress, crash dieting, etc., but the most common hair loss problem is caused by genetics. There is a high possibility that you may have a family member, whether mother or father’s side of the family, that have a hereditary type of hair loss which we all Androgenetic alopecia.

Both men and women can be affected by hair loss. We call them Male Pattern hair loss (MPHL) or Female Pattern hair loss (FPHL). The extent of the hair loss will depend on the extent of hair loss in the family. Some people have it earlier in life than others. Some have minimal thinning of hair whereas others have extensive hair loss and balding.

Still, there’s nothing to worry about as there are solutions for thinning hair.

There are various treatments for hair loss but the standard treatments are still medical treatments using topical Minoxidil and oral Finasteride. Other supportive treatments include LLLT (low level laser treatments), herbal hair treatments, use of hair fibers that camouflage thinning hairs and wigs/weaves.

Hair transplant surgery is also one of the most important ways of restoring hair that has been lost. The latest technologies and techniques in hair transplantation are much refined from its humble beginnings of hair plugs and ugly “dolls head” results. Today’s hair transplant surgery transfers your strong hairs individually in their normal hair follicle units onto your thinning/balding scalp with a technique that ensures results looking as natural as possible.

Aside from hair transplant surgery, several researches have proven the use of PRP injection (Platelet rich plasma) for hair on patients with MPHL causing significant hair growth. This technique entails a simple blood extraction and taking a part of the blood (platelets) to be injected onto the scalp using the smallest needle. These platelets were found to contain Growth Factors that stimulate hair regrowth.

PRP hair treatment in the Philippines is well within reach. In fact, we offer quality PRP hair treatment at Shinagawa for a very reasonable price for those who are in dire need of help.

5 Myths About Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

It’s inevitable for various people to deal with certain hair problems. One particular common problem is hair loss and the solutions available for it. Here are some myths and facts about hair loss and the corresponding hair transplant that can go along with it.

1. I’m too young to have a hair transplant. The minimum age to have this surgery is to be at least in their 20’s, especially for men who have extensive hair loss at this early age due to a strong family history of genetic hair loss. However, most men who seek hair transplant surgery are in their late 30’s or in their prime age of 40-50 years.

2. Hair transplant is only for balding men and not for women. Both men and women suffer from genetic hair loss, we call Male Pattern Hair Loss and Female Pattern Hair Loss. This genetic hair loss, called Androgenetic alopecia in general, is the most common indication for having a hair transplant surgery.

3. Asians are less likely to need a hair transplant than Caucasians. Androgenetic alopecia affects all nationalities. Filipinos are definitely not spared. If you have the genes, there’s a high chance you may inherit it from either side of the family tree.

4. Hair transplant can make my white hair turn black. Hair transplant surgery transfers your own hairs (whether white, black, blonde, brunette, red-head) from one area to another. It WILL NOT CHANGE the color of your hair (unless you change your hair color using a dye!).

5. Hair transplant surgery is only for the rich. Hair transplant surgery is a bit pricey. So is having any other cosmetic procedure. But like most anything else we wish to acquire, smart budgeting is required. Think of it this way, buying a new gadget will cost a lot of money but it depreciates through time. Having a hair transplant surgery provides you with long-lasting (permanent) results of a full(er) head of hair for the rest of your life. A gadget will make you ‘look’ rich but you end up poorer. Looking and feeling better once your hair grows increases your self-esteem and market value a whole lot more.

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