A Z-LASIK Patient Testimonial on PhilStar.com

Alternative Method to Contact Lense

Albert de Guzman shared his experience of Z-LASIK treatment and how it helped him enjoy his life to the fullest!

I started wearing spectacles when I was in 5th grade then I eventually switched to contact lenses. It was not very comfortable to use them. For me, it was kind of awkward and inconvenient to have to rely on eyeglasses and contact lenses to improve my vision. It was a challenge to overcome these vision problems as my profession and safety were also at stake.

De Guzman says that when he stumbled upon Shinagawa’s Eye Lasik treatment, it totally changed his life. “I am able to travel more and get to see different places. I continue to strive more to teach my students. I am able to converse more conveniently with different types of people and most importantly, I am able to enjoy much growth in my personal and professional life, such as be a reviewer of soon-to-be registered nurses. My clear vision paved the way to better opportunities in my life.

Source: Clear As Day on PhilStar.com

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