Dental Crowning for a Better Smile

Dental Crowning for a Better Smile

Are your teeth causing you problems when you smile? No worries, these dental royalties got your back!

Dental crowns cap and cover teeth that are cracked, broken or decayed. They serve as a substitute with a look similar to the natural teeth, giving you and your smile a big confidence boost.

These crowns are cemented into place after your dentist fully removes all of the remaining decay from a previous tooth. It can also be used to protect a weak tooth and fill in a tooth with a large gap in the middle.  To ensure a perfect smile, here are the different types of crowns that can be bestowed on you:

Metal Teeth

  1. Metals – These crowns are sturdy and durable given their material. They are mostly made out of “white” silver and gold alloy. Gold crowns are long lasting and hardly chips. It can withstand the biting and chewing pressures. If you want a flashy tooth, metal crowns are just right for you as they prominently shine when you smile.All-ceramic Teeth
  2. All-ceramic – These are the closest replica to our natural teeth. They provide a look that can evidently replicate a perfect set of pearly whites. They may look perfect, however, they may easily chip off given their material. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) Teeth
  3. Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) – PFM can match natural teeth because of its ceramic coating while the metal underneath provides more stability and strength.  They have a very high success rate in the long run.

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Showering Too Long is Actually Bad for the Skin

Showering Too Long is Actually Bad for the Skin

Woman Taking a Shower

Used to taking long showers? That’s actually not the best practice.

Some people have the natural tendency to shower longer than usual. Others even shower twice or thrice a day. Though it may seem like there’s nothing wrong with but actually, there is.

Showering for a prolonged period can do your skin some damage. That’s according to dermatologists and the studies conducted. Studies suggest that bathing too often is bad for the skin.




Man Having a Shower

All the washing, soaping, rinsing and luxuriating can do our skin some significant disservice. Dry skin and itching, which can lead to dermatitis of eczema, a disease that causes inflammation of the skin that is characterized by itchiness, red akin and a rash.

Due to the exhilarating heat and hot weather conditions in the country, it’s always tempting to spend 15, 20 or even more than 30 minutes in the shower to refresh and cool down our bodies. However, derma experts are one in emphasizing that too much showering can do no good.




Woman having a bath

Do you know that the suggested right amount of time, as per dermatologists, for bathing is only five to 10 minutes? According to them, more than 10 minutes is already too much for the skin. Shorter is better as long showers can strip your skin of moisture and removes essential oils as well.

The longer you shower, the more tendency there is for the water content to evaporate into the atmosphere, causing drier skin than before you bathed.

It is important to be cautious in terms of showering time, especially the elders. Older people are more prone to dry skin and itching. As we grow older, oil glands tend to poop out, making you more prone to drier skin.



It is important to be cautious in terms of showering time, especially the elders. Older people are more prone to dry skin and itching. As we grow older, oil glands tend to poop out, making you more prone to drier skin.

To ensure that your skin remains healthy, adjust your bathing time accordingly and consult a dermatologist to know how to further take care of your skin.

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Right Habits to Observe in Makeup Usage

Women spend a lot of their time every day to put on makeup. But are they doing it the right way? Unhealthy makeup practice can lead affect the eyes and that may eventually result to poor eyesight. Hence, it is essential to follow the right ways and habits in terms of using makeups.

Here are some eye makeup tips that may help maintain an optimum eye health:


1. Pay attention to expiration dates

Just like any product, your eye makeup also expires. Using old mascaras and eye liners can cause bacterial infection which can damage your eyes. Your mascara wand can be a bridge for viruses to spread onto your lashes. Do not attempt to revive your dry mascara using eye drops (not everything on the internet is true!).  If it goes beyond 3-4 months, just buy a new one and toss the old makeup in the trash. Your eyes would thank you for it.


2. Check the formulation

With the rising demand for makeup, more and more people are trying to replicate high-end eye shadows. Due to this, people opt to buy fake makeups which are more than 80% less their original price. However, anything cheap should always make you question its price and quality.

It’s almost a guarantee that most fake products do not include the real ingredients used in their original counterparts. Most likely, they would just copy and paste the label of the original product. However, reports claim that these cosmetics may contain mercury, lead, cyanide and even rat droppings. Instead of buying fake makeup, choose cheaper alternatives that can be found at the drugstore.

Putting Makeup on

3. Sharing is not always caring

Avoid sharing cosmetics especially when someone is showing signs of eye irritation. To avoid getting contagious eye diseases such as pink eye (conjunctivitis), make sure to keep your makeup to yourself. Same goes with your makeup tools such as eye shadow brushes and eyelash curler.

Eye shadow

4. Not all that Glitters are Gold

Several beauty gurus apply glitters on their eyelids effortlessly. However, if it’s your first time, be extra careful. Those tiny products can cause corneal irritation and infection. Same goes with putting fake lashes where you might accidentally poke your eye with the lash, or even put eyelash glue to your eyeballs. For starters, try doing natural makeup looks that does not require advanced skills.


5. Sanitize before application

In using makeup testers, make sure to ask for a new stock. If limited, use a tissue with alcohol to sanitize the products. Also, always wash your hands and clean your makeup tools before you let them touch your face.

Anything that you apply near your eye is risky. Being cautious with what and how you put your makeup on is a factor in having and maintaining healthy eyes.

For more information about the dangers of not removing your eye makeup at night, click here

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Dealing with Acne the Right Way

Sunblock CreamOne nagging problem for most people, especially teens and those in their early to mid-20s, is dealing with acne all over our body.

Pimples can be annoying, or even painful at times, and finding the right treatment for them and for the skin can sometimes be very challenging. Given the desire to get rid of them, people tend to experiment treatments and not all of them are effective after all.

Salmon FishHere are some proven tips that can help treat your acne:

  1. Glycolic Acid Cleansers and Lotions – Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and it strongly helps to exfoliate the skin and unplug pores. In addition, it is also proven to be anti-aging as well!
  2. Give up the sugar – It’s tough but it’s possible. Giving up sugars in your daily food intake will be a huge boost for your skin. Sugars tend to increase hormones that pushes oil production, primarily the cause of acnes. Having a sugar-less diet will help prevent oil production and acnes as well.
  3. Take Omega 3’s – If sugar is a no-no, omega 3 is certainly a boost in terms of dealing with acne. Fishoil Gelcaps are effective anti-inflammatory and help fight pimples and aid the skin in maintaining good health.

Those are some in-a-snap tips that can give your skin the healthy glow that it is seeking.

Still, there are more advanced treatments that can give you further results in terms of saying goodbye to all those acnes as they should be given the right and proper attention.

At Shinagawa, we offer the finest aesthetics services that will surely help you and your skin shine. We offer Anti-Acne Facial, Dermlift PRP, Synchroderm Plus, Fractional Co2 Laser and ShrinkAge, among others, to help patients take care of their skin, accordingly.

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Girl lying down

Why You Should Not Sleep with Eye Makeup on

Microscope view

There are days when we are so worn-out we couldn’t even find the time to remove our eye makeup. We go directly to our bed without realizing the dangers that beauty products can do to our eyes and skin. Instead of helping us enhance our facial features, they might be the reason why our beauty is deteriorating.

Aside from the sticky feeling it leaves on the following day, leaving makeup on can cause inflammation especially in the eye area. The number one culprit for having eyelid irritation is leaving your mascara, liner and eye shadow on for a longer period of time.

Mascara may give us longer and fuller lashes but it may also cause blepharitis. It is when the base of our eyelashes are contaminated with bacteria and dandruff-like flaking occurs. Doctors suggest that neglecting makeup is one factor that may cause eye redness, dryness and infection. Although treatable, it causes discomfort to those who wear contact lenses.




Due to bad makeup hygiene, severe cases such as mite infection occurs. Certain critters called demodex could start creating a community on your eyelids. Demodex mites can survive in areas which gives a good food production, in this case, sebum left in oil glands. Moreover, these mites can cause discomfort especially to those who are contact lens wearers. The person with demodex infected eyelids feels as if something is hindering their vision and notices the small bumps on their eyelid margins.

Washing your face with just soap and water is not enough to remove your makeup residue. Find a remover that is suitable to your skin and can effectively remove every eyeliner mark or mascara clump. This will not only make you feel refreshed but also save you from losing your beauty.

Truly, it is fun to put on makeup which is why girls invest their time to do it every morning. However, to avoid future complications, especially with eyes, ladies should also invest their time and effort in removing their makeup. Who wouldn’t want to sleep feeling refreshed anyways?

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