Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces 5

Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces

Aging doesn’t only apply to changes in our overall health and appearance, it also applies to our teeth.

As we continue to age in our adulthood, it is quite common for our teeth to eventually shift due to natural growth, health-related issues and physical injuries. Sometimes, having straight teeth can run its course.

Moreover, adults are prone to TMJ disorders, a kind of temporomandibular disorder that causes pain in the jaw joint and in muscles that control movements of the jaw.

That’s why it is advisable for adults to get braces as that will certainly help your teeth’s overall cause.

Here are some reasons why adults should have braces:

Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces 1

1. Keep Teeth Aligned – Even if their teeth are healthy, as mentioned, they can move out of place at any age and having braces can prevent that from happening.

2. Maintain Oral Health – Getting braces is also a tested way to help maintain oral health and avoid teeth and mouth problems that can occur.

3. Affordable and Reasonable – At this point in time, braces are now more affordable that’s why it is more reasonable to get them more than ever for your teeth’s good.

Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces 2

4. Enhanced and Advanced – Due to dental advancements, braces are better nowadays, quality wise. Also, there are braces that are now less noticeable, allowing one to have a better presented smile.

5. Boost Self–confidence – Having braces also helps in boosting one’s self-confidence. Preventing crooked teeth normally makes adults feel more good about themselves, being in a position to express themselves better.

Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces 3

6. Improve Biting and Chewing – Pain and difficulties caused by various teeth problems can also be improved with the big help of braces. Chewing food at ease will be attainable by having braces.

7. Keep Teeth for a Lifetime – Perhaps one of the most important purposes of braces is allowing you to keep your teeth for good. By effectively keeping your teeth intact, having braces will surely go a long way, as a long as you live, in fact.

Reasons Why Adults Should Get Braces 4

With these significant reasons to consider, it totally makes perfect sense for adults to have braces given all the benefits they present.

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Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Right

Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Right

Sometimes, there are days where your makeup looks off.

Despite your best efforts in putting and designing them while allotting significant time for your fix, there are times that you just can’t get it right.

There are probable reasons for that.

In such cases that you’re doing your face wrong, try to check these wrong makeup habits and helpful makeup tips:

Liquid Foundation on a Woman's Face

1. Foundation Color Mismatch – Avoid using a foundation that does not match the color of your skin. It causes demarcation lines between your face, chest, and neck. Make sure you get the right shade upon shopping for a foundation and swipe a sample first to see its fit.

Face Concealer

2. Light Eye Concealer – When putting a concealer under your eye, make sure it is not too light. Combine a peach-toned concealer and a liquid concealer with light-reflecting particles to cancel out darkness and match your skin tone accordingly.

Foundation Application on the Face

3. Skipping Ears in Applying Foundation – It’s a no-no to skip your ears when you apply your foundation around your face. You should make sure you run your brush around and over your ears for your skin to match your face.

4. False Lashes, False Look – When using false lashes, make sure they are used and applied the right way. A wrong application can provide an unnatural look. It is best to apply the band of lashes close to your lash line then, apply eyeliner afterward over it.

Make-Up Brush

5. Wrong Placed Blush – The aim of blush is to showcase flushed cheeks. Therefore, it should be rightfully placed on the cheek and not too close to the nose as that would beat its purpose.

Wrong Application of Lipstick

6. Scattered Lipstick All Over – Always keep your lipstick in place. It ruins your entire get-up once it scatters all over. Help from a clear lip liner will do wonders.

Eyeshadow Application

7. Overdoing Your Brows – Sometimes, there are tendencies to over-pluck your eyebrows and that results in a backward step in terms of your facial look. Most of the time, less is more as a light dusting of brow powder is more than enough to get your brows fixed. Your brows are meant to look feathery and natural, don’t overdo them.

Want to have an astounding look without much help from makeups? Shinagawa Aesthetics offer amazing treatments that can serve your face and overall outlook well.

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The Importance of Finding a Good Dentist

The Importance of Finding a Good Dentist

All of us need help when it comes to our teeth and oral health. However, it is important to entrust your teeth to an experienced and capable dentist.

Finding a good dentist that can provide you with the right and effective dental treatments and procedures for your teeth is essential as a big part of your oral health depends on that.

Dentists who have a variety of specialties in their dental arsenal will surely be helpful for you should your teeth develop any complications as time goes.

Doc Darwin of Shinagawa Orthodontics

“The most important factor to look for in a dentist is experience and expertise. What’s important for a dentist is to have a broad experience and knowledge in terms of orthodontics, general dentistry, braces and other dental specialties,” shared Dr. Darwin Dela Pena, DMD.

Also, an ideal dentist spread confidence and trust in his patient to follow all advice and recommendations aimed at oral health to be achieved.

Doc Hilado of Shinagawa Orthodontics

“It’s important to find a dentist that a patient can be comfortable with and also, someone whose dental capabilities are updated, too,” said Dr. Stephanie Hilado, DMD.

Another reason why you need a dentist that you can depend on is that your teeth need help every now and then. Ideally, twice-annual exams and cleanings are needed to maintain good oral health.

At Shinagawa Orthodontics, our well-experienced and proficient dentists and orthodontists can cater to the needs of your teeth. They are renowned and recognized nationally for good reasons.

Being well-rounded in terms of dentistry and orthodontics, they can provide the right care and treatments that are well-suited for the needs of your teeth and oral health.

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Be Like LeBron, Count on LASIK for Better Basketball

The 2018 NBA Finals just concluded and despite falling short of the championship, basketball superstar LeBron James still showed the world why he is one of the greatest to ever lace up sneakers.

LeBron continued to dominate on the basketball court like only he can.

Aside from his skills and hard work, want to know another reason why LeBron is so good as a basketball player? LASIK!

Yes, 11 years ago, LeBron successfully had LASIK in the States back in September 2007 and he has not looked back since then.

Looking at his career numbers, his game took a giant step following LASIK and resulted to three championships and eight more finals appearances since then. LASIK certainly had a lot to do with that.

The following NBA season after having LASIK, LeBron won his first Most Valuable Player award and that’s no coincidence as part of that can be attributed to the career-changing procedure he had.

Lebron James Blog Article for LASIK in Shinagawa Philippines

Prior to having LASIK, it was reported that LeBron had difficulties in seeing the scoreboard as well as the shot and game clocks.

Aside from that, his main reason for having LASIK is for him to be able to improve his vision and make sure that he gets the best looks at the basket as clear as possible.

That’s why LASIK is indeed a slam dunk for LeBron as it took him to greater heights over the past decade.

Evidently, to this day after his 10th season post-LASIK, LeBron continues to shine with no signs of slowing down. Thanks to LASIK, even after 11 years, his bright vision and stellar basketball play remain intact.

Be like LeBron and enhance your game whichever sport you may play by having LASIK at Shinagawa, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517.


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Preventing Wrinkles the Right Way

Preventing Wrinkles the Right Way

We can’t avoid aging but we surely can fight off some of its signs, including wrinkles.

There are actually simple but yet effective ways to delay and shrug off the onset of wrinkles. Here are some of them:

Body Cream on a Woman's Body

1. Moisturize to Protect your Skin – When it comes to skincare, it’s no secret that moisturizing is certainly a must. This is the best way to avoid and stave off having a dry skin. Moisturizing boosts collagen production and fights skin aging. In the process, it minimizes and prevents wrinkles while improving the renewal prowess of your skin.

On a side note, it is also important to have an everyday cream with at least SPF 15 for your skin to be protected from damaged caused by UV.


2. Avoid Sun Exposure as much as Possible – In case you are still unaware, exposure to the sun is responsible for more or less 80% of skin aging signs, particularly wrinkles. Avoiding the sun is key to a healthier skin, especially during summer when the rays of the sun have their strongest sting.

There are two important things you can do. First, avoid being under the sun from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The sun and its heat are at their peak during this stretch. Second, never ever forget to arm your skin with sunblock before getting exposed to the sun.

Fruits and Anti-oxidants

3. Anti-Oxidants Intake – Found in vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, load up on anti-oxidants to effectively neutralize free radicals to minimize damage to your skin cells. Damage from free radicals from the sun and pollutants cause wrinkles. Enough intake of anti-oxidants helps prevent that.

Make Up Brushes

4. Avoid Harsh Makeups and Cosmetics – Yes, makeups are designed to help our everyday transformation and glow but sometimes, harsh chemicals can cause harm to the skin, too. Make sure the makeups and cosmetics you use are skin friendly to avoid wrinkles and other skin problems.

A Woman Having a Nice Rest

5. Get Enough Sleep – It is that important to hit the sack enough. Getting enough sleep doesn’t only help improve your health and conditioning generally, it also does a lot for your skin. Regeneration and repair of skin cells will not be evident if you keep depriving yourself of enough sleep, eventually causing wrinkles.

Make sure you observe these simple ways if you don’t want wrinkles all over.

Also, there is an effective treatment that can remove wrinkles effectively. Beauty-Tox is a tested service offered by Shinagawa Aesthetics that instantly removes fine lines and wrinkles.

Get rid of your wrinkles for a younger appearance!

Consult our dermatologist for FREE to know what’s best for your skin, contact our Patient Care Lines (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517