Have an Experienced Surgeon for LASIK

Have an Experienced Surgeon for LASIK

Having LASIK is a life-changing experience that’s why it is important for you to have a well-experienced surgeon to do the treatment.

Why is it that important to have an experienced and trusted surgeon for your LASIK?

Choosing a trusted and respected surgeon to perform your LASIK is just as critical as the procedure itself. Of course, if you seek LASIK, you would want to have the smoothest possible procedure with the best possible outcome.

You can only attain that through having a legit and prolific LASIK surgeon that has all the tools to ensure the safety of the procedure and deliver the expected high-quality result for your eyes and vision.

Our ophthalmologists at Shinagawa also give their take on why it is essential to carefully choose where and who to go to for your LASIK.

Dr. Jaime Dinglasan

“Choosing an experienced surgeon is important as complications, should any arise, are managed right away. Only experienced surgeons would see and anticipate complications before they arise,” shared Dr. Jaime L. Dinglasan, Jr., M.D., DPBO

Dr. Francis Guerrero

“It’s important for LASIK patients to go to a trusted surgeon that is tested in delivering best results,” said Dr. Francis Albert Guerrero, M.D.

Dr. Albert Dela Cruz


“A well-trained surgeon, armed with the latest in advances eye laser technology, gives the patient the best chance for a lifetime of clear vision,” expressed Dr. Albert “BJ” Dela Cruz, Jr., M.D., DPBO.

The same sentiments are shared by Dr. Roel Villanueva, M.D., a member (diplomate) in good standing for 2018 of the Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology.

Doing a background check of your possible doctors and the LASIK center that they operate in is key to finding the best ophthalmologist for you. It is essential for you to check their reputations and accomplishments to give you an idea of what they are capable of.

That way, once you find a LASIK center and its doctors trustworthy enough, then you can stop worrying and instead, be excited about having LASIK as you are bound to have the perfect eyesight that you envisioned.

Finding great online reviews, referrals, and testimonials about certain doctors and LASIK eye centers will help you a lot in your quest.

At Shinagawa, we thrive as the top LASIK center in the country because we have the finest and most-renowned LASIK surgeons in the country that assures all our patients the best results possible.

From celebrities to patients from all walks of life, the astonishing LASIK results delivered by our trusted doctors are undeniable and more than enough reasons to earn your trust.

To ensure that you’re in good hands once you have your LASIK, make sure a Shinagawa surgeon is the one in charge of your eyes.

Have your eyes and your LASIK has taken care of by our most capable eye doctors, contact our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517.

Save Your Tooth through Root Canal Treatment

Save Your Tooth through Root Canal Treatment

Are your teeth damaged or infected by in any way?

There’s actually a proven way to get them right.

Root Canal Treatment is your answer as it is designed to eliminate infection from teeth’s root canal to enable tissues to regain health. Its primary purpose to serve is to save badly damaged teeth, something that other simpler dental procedures cannot fully fulfill.

Trusted and effective, Root Canal Treatment removes the damaged and infected pulp from a diseased tooth. What this treatment does is save a tooth that can otherwise be extracted if left untreated.

As to how it is performed, Root Canal Treatment is done by first creating an opening into the crown of the damaged tooth. The root canals and deep pulp chamber then get cleaned, sealed and filled with an inert material in the process as well. The access opening is bound to then be covered with a permanent tooth filling.

Save Your Tooth through Root Canal Treatment

Despite the removal of the pulp, the tooth will remain anchored in the bone, enabling it for chewing and biting.

Often times, Root Canal Treatment can be completed in a single visit but still, several more trips to the dentist are needed after to fully complete the process.

Have your own trip to the dentist and save your tooth with the help of the Root Canal Treatment, call our Patient Care Lines (+632) 368 5238 | (+63) 917 862 7454 | (+63) 921 217 0517 to book your FREE dental consultation.