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5 Effective Tips in Maintaining a Healthy Skin during Summer

Summer is one of the favorite seasons in the Philippines because of the outdoor activities this weather invites. However, this is also the time where our skin is prone to damage like dryness, occurrence of signs of aging, skin discoloration and the like. So, how can you maintain your skin hydrated while enjoying the warm weather?

Here are some tips to protect your skin during summer:

1. Use Sunscreen and Makeup with UV Protection

Sun exposure causes wrinkles and fine lines to our skin. Tanning during summer is also a trend but what people usually disregard is the fact that too much sun exposure accelerates the effects of aging and increases your risk of developing skin cancer. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the elastin which causes skin to sag, make sure you reapply sunscreen in case you sweat or get wet especially when swimming to protect you from sunburn.

When choosing makeup, make sure that it contains UVA/UVB protection to avoid skin discoloration. Find a makeup that gives enough protection to avoid photo-aging, buy makeup that contains spf 15 or higher.

2. Vitamin C
Vitamin C enhances collagen production which makes our skin firmer and younger looking. You can also apply topical vitamin c to increase the sunscreen’s effectiveness to protect against UV exposure.

3. Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to maintain the moisture balance of your skin, you can also use water based products for your lotion or moisturizer.

4. Cold Shower

Taking cold shower during summer days is highly advisable because we often sweat during this season due to warm weather. Sweat and oil can cause clogging of pores, making your face prone to acne. Hot shower makes your skin dry.

5. Have a Facial

Have a regular facial it is advisable to either have an anti aging facial or anti acne facial. Anti-aging facial is recommended since hot weather makes our skin prone to photoaging. Anti acne facial since sweating and dirt can easily clog pores, causing pimples.


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