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Why Is Your Acne Getting Worse In Quarantine?

It turns out for some, lockdown or quarantine skin has become such an issue.

While there can be many culprits causing this, stress is, naturally, the first thing to blame, according to skin experts.

As most of us have spent weeks in quarantine, we’re also dealing with anxiety, stress which often increases the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Unfortunately, this also triggers and inflames the sebaceous glands, which can cause a flare-up of acne too, amongst other skin conditions.

Here are some of the answers as to why your skin might be behaving badly, and what you can do to counter it:

Your eating habits may be unhealthy

Let’s admit it, it really is tough to say no to yummy food during this quarantine stretch. However, by succumbing, you are welcoming pimples indirectly as well.

You’re not only packing on pounds with those chips, but you’re also giving way to pimples.

Make sure you’re limiting your intake of sugar, dairy, gluten. If your gut is inflamed, it’ll show up your skin too. Make most of the seasonal fruits, coconut water, fresh juices, smoothies, proteins, and high fats.

Your stress levels may off the charts

We’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and the constant barrage of scary news is bound to increase your stress levels. It could lead to several stress-induced behaviors like skin picking or even cause cystic acne due to hormonal imbalances.

Battle this stress spike by doing things you love – it could be cooking, spending time with loved ones, home workouts, dancing, etc. Make sure you meditate, starting with five minutes a day at least. You can also just stretch or practice yoga to calm down and in turn, help your skin.

You’re getting lax with your skincare routine

This is expected given the unique circumstances that the world is currently facing. Don’t get disheartened if your skin is misbehaving; keep at it and you’ll see the results show through.

It’s important that in these uncertain times, you stick to your skincare routine. Make sure you keep your hands clean and stop picking on your skin and popping your pimples. Double-cleanse your face, use a face cream, serum, and night cream.

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