Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Therapy is an oral health care for tooth decay which can be applied topically or systemically. It is the process of delivering enough fluoride to the teeth to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride is a mineral formed in your teeth from daily consumption of food and water. The minerals are accumulated in the tooth’s enamel which causes tooth cavities.

In topical medication, the dentist directly applies fluoride to the different forms such as gels or varnishes. Systemic treatment is done through the intake of fluoride supplements.

Supplements of fluoride are highly recommended as they have the ability to effectively preventing tooth decay. Hence, the treatment, by proving fluoride supplements, is a big key to good oral health as it adds much needed extra protection for your teeth. That’s why Fluoride Therapy is highly recommended for both children and adults.

Commonly practiced by dentists, Fluoride Therapy is medically recognized as being one of the most useful treatments in the modern dental field since fluoride fights off the formation of tooth decay in various ways.


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