Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is a dental procedure which involves the removal or pulling of the teeth from the gums. Dental Extraction is performed on children to make way for the eruption of permanent teeth. It is also indicated for patients with irreversible dental damage because of cavities. In some cases, it is used for patients who are being prepared for Orthodontic Braces to make way for teeth movement during the process of alignment.

In popular belief, tooth extraction is supposed to be bad for us as it simply means we will have fewer teeth. However, it is important for you to know that tooth extraction is exactly the opposite. It indeed causes a lot of goods.

Initially, no one wants to hear that they have to lose a tooth but sometimes, it is just what the dentist ordered for the better. Tooth extraction actually helps protect your smile and your teeth.

Most often, the third molars, often called wisdom teeth, are the most often removed as sometimes the jaw does not have enough capacity to accommodate them, hence, the need for tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth naturally develop late and by the time they fully grow in such cases, we no longer regularly lose teeth this time in life, thus, these third molars are needed to be removed.

Keeping unnecessary wisdom teeth can do some damage and may cause numeral oral health issues such as dental drift, crowding, and impaction

Those reasons are more than enough to strongly consider tooth extraction for your wisdom teeth. It is hard to risk yourself and be prone to those oral health issues, especially when you have the ability to prevent them.

At Shinagawa Orthodontics, we enhance tooth extraction that can help you get rid of those unnecessary teeth.


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