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Dr. Paolo Hector Luz: Brighter Vision, More Fun

Living an active lifestyle and the desire to be the best ophthalmologist he can be prompted our very own Dr. Paolo Hector Luz MD-MBA to have his own LASIK journey. “Having LASIK helped me in lots of ways, particularly with my hobbies and profession as an ophthalmologist,” shared Dr. Luz, one of several Shinagawa ophthalmologists […]

The Benefits of Beauty Rest

While touted as a stand-in for a good night’s rest, beauty sleep holds real benefits. In fact, getting enough quality rest can even improve our skin’s health and overall appearance. The Importance of Sleep Before hopping into skin health, let’s quickly discuss how sleep benefits our general wellness. Sleep is a fundamental biological process essential […]

No More Squinting for Mae SJ

Start enjoying life without squinting. LASIK eliminates that, too! “I now wake up with a 20/12 vision! I now get to enjoy activities without squinting my eyes,” bared masteral student Mae SJ. “Thank you, Shinagawa Lasik Center!” Enough of the uncomfortable feeling of squinting. Have your LASIK screening! For inquiries, questions, and appointments, call our […]