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Causes of dark under-eye circles

Dark circles beneath the eyes are a frequent issue that many individuals have, and there are several potential explanations. Here is all you need to know about the causes and treatments for dark circles. What are dark under-eye circles? Dark rings appear under both eyes. Thinner skin behind the eyes amplifies blood vessels, causing dark […]

Lasik and Sports : Winning Combination

If you use glasses or contacts, sports can seem like a distant memory. It is highly suggested that you use eye protection in addition to glasses or contacts when participating in team sports such as basketball. Individual sports such as running and tennis may not necessarily require protective eyewear, but throughout a marathon or a […]

The Most Effective Adult Male Acne Treatment

Men’s acne is hormone-related, so it’s treated differently and  Vice versa. Women can balance hormones with birth control pills or spironolactone, which prevents testosterone from affecting the hair follicle. The following are the most prevalent and important strategies: Topical medications Men and women typically use many of the same treatments, because men’s skin is a little oilier than women’s skin, doctors can often be a little more aggressive and use stronger topical treatments because their skin is a little […]