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Ways To Use Bananas In Your Beauty Routine

Banana is known for its many health benefits. It helps in easing digestion and is a great dietary source of potassium. Apart from including bananas in your diet, you can use this fruit in your beauty routine!

Here are ways you can use bananas in your skin and hair routine.

Natural Moisturizer
The fruit is rich in potassium and can be a great moisturizer for your skin. Mash half a banana and use it as a mask on your face. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Fight Acne
Banana peels are rich in antioxidant properties and can do wonders for your skin. To treat acne, you can rub the white part of the peel on the affected area. Rub it till the peel turns brown. The peels are rich in vitamins that will reduce inflammation and fight acne.

Hair Mask for Dry Hair
If you have dry hair, then you can indulge in a hair mask treatment. Mash 1-2 bananas and add a spoon of honey and apply the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Treat Puffy Eyes
To treat puffy eyes, apply banana mash on the affected area for 10-15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. This will help draw out the excess fluid under the skin. You can also use banana peel to reduce puffy eyes.

Body Scrub
If you have sensitive skin, you can indulge in a banana and brown sugar scrub. Mash a few bananas and add brown sugar. Mix it well and use the mixture on your body to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells.

Proper skincare treatments should be part of your beauty routine as well. Shinagawa Aesthetics can help you set the most fitting beauty routine for you.

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