Beautiful Transformation: Cristina FaceSlims Her Way to the Altar

Round and chubby-faced Cristina easily achieved slimmer and more contoured face in time for her wedding vow renewal, thanks to the FaceSlim treatment at Shinagawa.

Like most women, nurse and entrepreneur Christina “Tins” Buan loves the idea of a perfect wedding. When her partner asked her hand in marriage for the second time around, she knew she had to make all the right preparations.

Christina Buan

Aside from choosing the best venue, food, and wardrobe for her entourage, she also made sure that she’d be the most beautiful woman on her vow renewal day. “I wanted to look my most beautiful not just in the eyes of my partner and loved ones, but also in the photos and videos. It’s not every day that I become a bride so I want it to be special.”

Foremost on Tins’ bridal beauty makeover plans was getting a slimmer and more contoured face. “My face was naturally round then I gained some extra fats, which made matters worse.”

With the big day fast approaching, she knew that dieting would be of little help. “Even if I lose some weight, I would still have a chubby face except if I get too skinny that my cheeks are withdrawn. But that would be unhealthy and ugly.”

Fortunately for Tins, she has friends in the beauty industry and one of them advised her to try the FaceSlim treatment at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics Center. She did not hesitate to visit the clinic. After consulting with one of its derma doctors, she decided to undergo the procedure.

FaceSlim is an injection treatment that uses nut-derived solution to melt excess facial fats, especially on the cheeks, chin, jowl, and upper neck. It also stimulates healthy blood circulation. Aside from high protein content, the solution also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent swelling and redness after the procedure. Effects of the treatment can lasts for a long time, depending on a person’s genetics and lifestyle. For best results, it is generally recommended to undergo 3-6 consecutive sessions with 1 week interval.

For Tins, 3 sessions were all it needs to achieve a slimmer, contoured, and radiant-looking face in time for her vow renewal day. Looking at the mirror in her beautiful white gown after the ceremony, her pretty face beaming with joy and pride, she knew she had made right decision to once again say “I do”, not just to her loving husband but also to her continuous beautiful transformation.

Before and after procedure

Shinagawa’s FaceSlim procedure is available at its clinics in Makati and Ortigas. For details and appointment request, visit Shinagawa.PH.

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