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What Below-the-skin Changes Cause The Aging Seen In The Face?

What below-the-skin changes cause the aging seen in the face?

The skin across your body isn’t the only place it changes. Aging skin can also change the appearance of your face.

Some factors include:

  • Loss of fat below the skin (or what dermatologists call the subcutaneous layer) in your cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area. This may result in loosening skin, sunken eyes, and a “skeletal” appearance.
  • Bone loss may become evident after age 50 and cause slack skin and puckering of the skin around your mouth.
  • Cartilage loss in the nose causes drooping of the nasal tip and makes the bony structures in the nose easier to see.

Don’t be alarmed, though, because it’s a natural part of aging. It can be handled well.

If you’re noticing some signs of aging skin, you can have it checked so it can be taken care of. We can help you and your skin age gracefully.

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