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Brighter Eyes, Better Performance for Athletes

Athletic and have a poor eye sight? Perhaps, you need LASIK eye surgery.

Poor vision affects the performance of an athlete and it can surely be a handicap in terms of competition. Athletes with poor eyesight find it difficult to fully maximize their skills and talents.

Having sharp eyes can more often than not be the difference maker in sports. No wonder, athletes who have blurry vision feel they have some significant disadvantage compared to others who have the luxury of a clear eyesight.

Some tried to wear sports goggles and/or contact lenses to help their vision but the inconvenience and the uncomfortable feeling they can give also affects an athlete’s performance.

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However, they can worry no more as there’s a right answer to their nagging vision problems.

Through a quick and painless procedure, LASIK restores clear vision by reshaping the parts of the eye that filters light and focus vision, enabling athletes to go full force in performing in their respective sports with their eyes not holding them back anymore.

Athletes can win more games and win their clear vision back through the power of LASIK. Furthermore, they can also avoid injuries better as their alertness level, through better peripheral vision, go up a notch as well as their depth perception.

The right combination of a bright eyesight and skills certainly pushes an athlete to perform better under improved circumstances. The clearer an athlete see, the better it can analyse a situation and apply its talent and skills for favorable results.

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Tried and Tested

Imagine aiming a shot at the basket and not having a clear view. How about racing while not seeing the track clearly? Not acceptable for professional athletes, right?

That’s why in sports, eye sight is equally as important as talent and skills.

Top-notch racers Michelle Bumgarner and Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra admitted that LASIK is indeed a difference maker in racing, especially for them who previously struggles with their visions.

Michelle Bumgarner Shinagawa PH

Dustin Esguerra Shinagawa PH


“Ever since I started racing, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses and this has been a handicap for me. I cannot wear eyeglasses underneath my helmet as it will be dangerous once I crash,” described Esguerra.

“Having a perfect vision has always been just a dream, until Shinagawa LASIK center came. It became a reality. It is a life-changer. Now with a 20/15 VISION, I can easily decide whatever maneuver I will be doing inside the race track. When travelling in full speed, I need to act upon as quickly as possible. Brain can only process whatever we see. Before, I need to be very close to an object before I see it clearly.”

Bumgarner shared the same sentiments.

“Racing at a speed of almost 200 mph, the last thing I need to worry about is my eyesight. Shinagawa’s Z LASIK has helped me tremendously in my personal life and my professional career,” shared Bumgarner.

Some of the premier basketball players in the country also shared how having LASIK at Shinagawa helped them regain their bright eye sight back and how it helped them be sharper on the court.

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For San Miguel Beermen ace guard Alex Cabagnot, having better vision through LASIK just brought out even more fire in him in terms of competition.

“Z LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly remarkable. I feel better with my new vision. I’m very happy with the results,” described Cabagnot. “With my clear eyesight now, playing basketball is a lot more competitive. I highly recommend it for athletes.”

Meralco’s Joseph Yeo admitted that seeing the goal is much easier after his LASIK procedure.

“I should’ve done it (LASIK) earlier. Z LASIK at Shinagawa is amazing,” shared Yeo. “Now, I can see the goal from the halfcourt line, more than enough for a game-winning shot.”

For athletes who are having nagging problems with their vision, it’s advisable for them to have LASIK to help them perform better and prolong their careers.

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