CATALYS: Allowing the Most Precise Cataract Surgery

CATALYS: Allowing the Most Precise Cataract Surgery

A surgery is the only treatment for cataract. The cloudy natural lens of the patient is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant which will restore fully the patient’s vision. This must be done in a safe, painless and accurate manner.

In traditional cataract surgery, the surgeon uses hand-held metal instruments to create the incisions, access the cataract, and break up the cataract into smaller pieces which can be vacuumed out through a procedure called phacoemulsification. Even in the hands of the most experienced eye surgeon, sometimes these steps can be challenging.

However, at Shinagawa, we offer Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (Premium Cataract Surgery) which uses the CATALYS Laser Precision System.

The CATALYS has several advantages over Traditional Cataract Surgery:

  • Accurate incision placement for a better outcome
  • Precision laser technology
  • Safer access to the cataract via pre-cut opening
  • Laser softens the cataract, making the removal more efficient and simpler
  • The laser can also address the small amount of astigmatism
  • Customized treatment with 3D imaging (enables the Surgeon to create a precise treatment plan uniquely tailored for the eye/s)
  • A gentle approach to surgery (with very little to no discomfort at all)
  • Using less energy, it allows a much faster recovery and restores vision in no time

The CATALYS Laser Precision System allows for safer, efficient, highly reproducible cataract surgery which leads to better visual outcomes.

The expertise of our experienced surgeons along with the power of the CATALYS have already satisfied patients and enabled them to regain a bright vision.

Alicia Gutierrez, Cataract Patient

“I will forever be grateful and thankful for my successful cataract surgery at Shinagawa. I feel like a newborn with a brand new vision. I now have a bright vision to the point that I can still read even the smallest font size on my cell phone,” expressed jubilant patient Alicia Guttierez, 66. “Their cataract surgery is the best ever! Shinagawa and all its doctors, nurses and staff for making this possible.”

Daisy Mijares, Cataract Patient

70-year-old Daisy Mijares shared her own sentiments: “Finally, Shinagawa performed the cataract surgery that restored my failing eyesight into an almost 20/20 vision. Now, I can see far and near objects and read prints with perfect clarity. Goodbye, glasses at last! A job very well done. Here’s one forever grateful patient,” gladly said, Daisy.

For 71-year-old Mercedes Paras, her own journey is both satisfying and sentimental.

Mercedes Paras, Cataract Patient

“This is my happiest trip back to Leyte as I bring with me a bright eyesight after so many years of blurry vision. Big thanks to Shinagawa clinic for my successful cataract surgery. My teary eyes from yesterday are now replaced by tears of joy today!” shared Mercedes.

These are proven and significant reasons for one to opt for the best possible Cataract Surgery available. As we say, don’t settle for less. These are eyes and vision that we’re talking about, two of the most essential parts of our daily lives.

Now in the know of why it should be a priority to have the safest and most precise way to remove the cataract, it is important to have the best options possible. Don’t take unfavorable risks and got for safety and security.

For the safest and most efficient Cataract Surgery, Shinagawa is your way to go. To start your own journey back to a brighter vision, reach us through our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517

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