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Can Cataract Surgery Be Performed On Both Eyes At The Same Time?

If you happen to have Cataracts in both your eyes, you’re probably wondering if you can have surgery can be performed on them at the same time.

Typically, they should be done one-by-one to be able to get the best results. One eye is performed first, then the remaining eye is to be performed weeks later.

While many would definitely want both eyes to be done at the same time for convenience, it is simply not recommended as per Ophthalmologists. This is because the first eye done should be able to recover and stabilize first before the other eye can be done.

Cataract studies indicate that surgeries should be done this way as it presents patients excellent results with no increased rate of complications.

While the risk of infection and other serious complications from Cataract surgery are quite low, if both eyes were to become either infected or experience other complications as well, the results could be significantly devastating for a stretch of time, or possibly, even permanently.

Furthermore, separate procedures on each eye on separate days enable the surgeon and patient to evaluate the visual outcome of the first eye, which can possibly influence choices made for the second one.

Cataract surgery at Shinagawa is proven and tested to be very safe and effective, given the advancements in its technology and Ophthalmologists.

That’s why we can give you an accurate pre-operative eye test and consultation that will provide you all the pros and cons of all your cataract surgery options to determine the best choices for the specific needs of your eyes.

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