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Things To Know About CoolSculpting

For good reasons, CoolSculpting is a hot and trendy fat-reduction treatment. That’s because many people swear by these treatments insisting that CoolSculpting has helped them get rid of plenty of excess fat without any of the downtime or risks associated with traditional surgical treatments.

Here are a couple of cool facts about CoolSculpting and reasons why it is a popular fat-trimming service across the world:

It Treats Lots Of Body Areas

It allows you to target more than one area at the same time. Results are achieved faster and evenly.

It Works Effectively

This non-invasive alternative to liposuction has proven time again that it can and does sculpt the body. CoolSculpting procedures use rounded paddles in one of four sizes to suction your skin and fat. The cooling panels set to work crystallizing your fat cells.

The more treatments you have, the more results you will see.  An up to 25 percent fat reduction in a treatment area creates improvements, such as less bulging, of any particular area that’s concerning.

Treatment Timelines Should be Mapped Out Before Treatment

If you have a special occasion such as a wedding or the holidays for which you hope to see the Coolsculpting results, count backwards at least 6 weeks. Ideally, schedule you session three months in advance.

Results are not visible for at least four weeks, with the fat loss reaching its peak at eight to ten weeks. If planning on more than one treatment to an area, wait six weeks before the second treatment.

With its capabilities of bringing out all the sexiness in you in a matter of weeks, CoolSculpting might be what you need to be at your best on a special occasion ahead.

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Things Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You | Shinagawa Blog

Things Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

The complexion, appearance, and health of your skin actually say a lot about your overall health, wellness, and fitness.

If you’re experiencing some nagging skin issues, those specific problems indicate some specifics as well.

Here are some common skin issues and what they may indicate:

  1. Early Signs Of Aging – Skin Cell Turnover Might Be Lagging

Retinoids are needed in this case as it is an effective collagen stimulator. That will speed up the turnover of skin cells, resulting in a younger-looking you.

  1. Undereye Bags – May Signify A Diet Or Lifestyle Problem

Get to the source of the problem. Allergies, smoking, and even eating too much salt can play a role in giving you bags under your eyes. Lack of sleep is also a huge culprit behind that look, and if it’s a common occurrence, you may have to work on sleep hygiene habits or prioritizing shut-eye. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults aim to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

  1. Blushing – Might Be A Result of a Compromised Skin Barrier

Hydrating by using a gentle, nonirritating face wash and moisturizer. By being hydrated, the skin won’t be as prone to burning or stinging.

  1. Acne – May Indicate That Your Hormones

When you’re younger, the cause of acne mostly banks on your oil production. But as you grow older, it’s more often hormonal, according to most dermatologists. Hormonal acne often looks more inflammatory in nature (think deep and red), so the treatment is all about calming skin.

  1. Cracked/Dry Skin – Thirsty Dermis

As you age, the skin begins to lose some of its moisture. Making things worse, a dehydrated dermis is more likely to show signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. Grab a lightweight moisturizer that has more of a liquid consistency.

  1. Wrinkles – Low Supply Of Skin Collagen

You need to strengthen the support structure of your skin by boosting collagen.

  1. Sagging Skin – Need For Collagen Boost

Just like wrinkles, sagging skin calls you out for a collagen boost as well.

  1. Dark Spots – Sun Damage May Have Caused Pain/Damage To Your Skin

As you know, sun damage is the top culprit of discoloration. That’s why keep up your sunscreen routine is very essential.

Be wary of the skin issues or problems that you might be having as they may indicate more about your overall wellness.

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Amazing Benefits Of RevLite Treatment | Shinagawa Aesthetics Blog

Amazing Benefits Of RevLite Treatment

In our last blog about RevLite, we tackled how it works and how its power can effectively treat hyperpigmentation and other skin problems as well.

This time, we’ll discuss the amazing benefits that RevLite presents.

RevLite treatment manages to remove all unwanted discoloration. Just two to three sittings are enough to accomplish the mission but some spots can be resilient. In general, the treatment has no side effects.

Chances of any kind of infection are very rare too. The spots that are removed do not return, but new spots can form due to excessive sun exposure.

Julie Anne San Jose for Revlite | Shinagawa Blog

This new-age technology corrects skin painlessly and naturally. Due to pollution and sun exposure, pores in our skin get bigger, making it susceptible to various skin problems like acne and pigmentation. Such skin catches aging signs faster, too.

The laser used in the Revlite Treatment system improves overall skin texture by constricting enlarged pores, promoting collagen formation and dissolving deposited pigment.

After successful completion of the treatment, your skin gets rejuvenated, appears brighter, cleaner, smoother and suppler.

Following a few sessions of RevLite, the evident changes and improvement on your skin shall be visible. At the same time, there won’t be any need for filters of photoshopped photos.

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The One For Julie Anne RevLite SI | Shinagawa Feature Story

The One For Julie Anne: RevLite SI

Staying as beautiful as you can is a must for every dedicated artist. Just ask Julie Anne San Jose.

“Keeping my skin and body as glowing as possible is a priority for me. It really is a pre-requisite for us artists to keep ourselves in the best shape,” said Julie, an acclaimed singer and actress.

Aside from proper regimen, that would only be possible if accompanied by proper skin and body care and treatments. For Julie, Shinagawa Aesthetics is a match made in heaven in terms of helping her keep her glow.

“That’s why I really trust Shinagawa Aesthetics to help in taking care of my skin and body. I am comfortable with my treatments there and happy with the evident results.”

One of her go-to treatments is the RevLite SI, an advanced and innovative laser technology that effectively rejuvenates her skin.

For her, RevLite is like maintenance in terms of keeping her skin as fresh as possible.

“I usually have RevLite at Shinagawa to refresh and rejuvenate my skin, especially my face,” said Julie. “It’s like a part of my regular skin routine that’s why I have my sessions religiously.”

The results reflect how stunning Julie is. You can bring out all your gorgeousness as well.

You don’t have to be an artist to bring out the best in you. You should be at your most beautiful self always in the first place.

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Knowing More About RevLite | Shinagawa Blog

Knowing More About RevLite

Many dermatologists consider RevLite as one of the most effective, if not the most effective, treatment for hyper-pigmented skin, any kind of abnormal darkening of the skin, including everything from freckles to liver spots.

That’s because the power of RevLite presents a whole lot more.

Hyperpigmentation can be quite irritating. After all, who would like to have discolored or pigmented skin?

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, doctors have been able to come up with an effective remedy known as RevLite treatment that works wonder on hyper-pigmented skin.

This innovative treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses a beam of light as a high-energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits. The RevLite laser is applied to remove any kind of scar or discoloration like acne spots, suntans, age spots, liver marks, sun freckles or even a tattoo. Further, the laser promotes collagen growth underneath the skin. This results in firmer and younger-looking skin.

The wavelength of light to be used during the treatment is determined by the quality of the skin to be treated. The laser pulse is applied to dissolve pigments and stimulate new collagen production. This makes your skin appear pleasantly plump.

The principle underlying the RevLite concept is that laser wave works only on aberrations and doesn’t affect normal parts. This is why it is important to correctly determine the particular wavelength required to be applied for a specific skin discoloration problem.

Another wonderful thing about RevLite treatment is that is doesn’t hurt. The treatment feels just like a mild sting on the skin. An initial redness is noticed but it disappears within a few hours’ time. In rare cases, it might take longer for the redness to recede. There are provisions for local anesthesia but the discomfort is so minimal that patients decide to opt-out of it.

Doctors advise abstinence from alcohol, Vitamin E and ASA prior to the treatment. Ideally, you should not expose yourself to the sun immediately after the treatment but in case going out during daytime becomes absolutely necessary, a sunscreen with high SPF is strongly recommended.

Shinagawa Aesthetics has one of the most advanced RevLite services in the country — RevLite SI Laser Skin Treatment! Treat your pigmentations now.

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