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Better Vision with Healthy Nutrition

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. The healthier foods you intake, the better your physique and clearer your skin is. But there is more to nutrition rather than just looking glowing and fresh every day.

Studies showed how eating healthy contributes to better vision. Having a well-balanced diet can serve as a protection to your eyes and may even lower the risk of developing eye problems such as dry eyes, glaucoma, and age-related diseases such as cataracts.

Here are some of the foods that can help you boost your vision:


1. Carrots. Growing up, our parents already taught us how carrots can help us have better eyes. Carrot is a good source of Vitamin A that can help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. Just simply toss this in your salad or you can even have it as a simple snack.





Kale2. Kale. This green and leafy vegetable can be a good source of lutein which is a carotenoid found as a color pigment in our eyes. It can prevent age-related eye disorders plus it’s easy to prepare. Just simply add in some kale into ice and milk into your blender (add ingredients such as apple or sweetener such as honey or agave nectar) and you will now have a smoothie to go.






FISH3.  Fish. Seafood lovers can also enjoy their meal with a benefit of having healthy eyes. Certain fishes enriched with omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent dry eyes and improve retinal health. Studies showed how these essential acids can help with the proper drainage of intraocular fluids from the eye which reduces the risk of having glaucoma and high eye pressure.





Eggs4. Eggs. Same with carrots, eggs contain a good amount of Vitamin A which can protect the cornea. It can also be a good source of lutein and zinc, which can aid eyes into seeing at night. Zinc helps vitamin A in creating a melanin pigment that protects the eyes. It can also slow down the progression of age-related diseases.





Citrus5. Citrus fruits. If you are not a vegetable person, you can always enjoy the sweetness of fruits. Oranges and other citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C which promotes a healthy eye blood vessel. It can help our body maintain a connective tissue found in the cornea of the eye.



To maintain good eyesight, a good lifestyle is a must. Nature has provided us with tons of energy-giving and eye-nourishing foods.

Proper nutrition and eye care can contribute to your eye health and even your overall fitness. You can also increase your eye defense by consulting your Ophthalmologists. Learn more about this in our previous blog.

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Eye Exam

Eye Checkup: A Key to Maintaining Good Eyesight

If there’s one test that you should never miss, it’s definitely your eye examination. Most people tend to overlook the need for a vision check due to their hectic schedules or even the lack of initiative.  Most likely, they wait for a serious change in their vision before paying a visit to their Optometrist. What they do not know is that the longer they wait, the more alarming their condition might be.

Several eye disorders are silent and shows no early symptoms. One day, you can see the world clearly and the next thing you know, you must wear eyeglasses or contact lenses which can be a hassle for your daily routines. Eye glasses tend to fog up or even be blurry during the rainy season, not to mention the sharp ear pain it gives due to the incorrect adjustment of the frame.

In order to avoid having the ‘extra eyes’ or undergoing a serious medical surgery, you should schedule a regular eye exam not only to monitor your eye health but also your overall health.

Eye experts recommend that you have your eyes checked at least once every two years. Since visual changes occur gradually, which makes them easily unnoticed; it is better to have them checked as often as possible for an optimum eye health. Children at a very young age could develop disorders such as developmental cataracts which promotes the much needed check-up. For early diagnosis and proper management, parents should have their children visit an Ophthalmologist even before they turn 8 to prevent other eye problems such as strabismus, amblyopia and refractive errors.

A simple eye test may also be your life savior. Other health issues can be discovered during a check-up. This includes diabetes, autoimmune disorders (lupus), thyroid problems, and even tumors. Saving at least a day in your schedule to go to the eye clinic could add a few years to your existence.

Different tests are conducted in order to evaluate the health of your eyes. An example of which is the visual acuity test which measures the vision’s sharpness. Another is the color blind test that can determine your color vision. In addition, one of the most common exam is the cover test which determines the eye alignment. Other exams include glaucoma test, visual field test, and slit lamp exam among many others.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul but it is also a window to our health. We should invest in them at an early age to avoid complications. With just a simple eye care and frequent visit to the Ophthalmologist, you can enjoy seeing the world better and clearer.

Shinagawa Lasik Center offers comprehensive eye checkup and vision examination. For more information and appointment request, visit Shinagawa PH.

“Claiming My Freedom to See”: Mark Aquino’s LASIK journey

Just when design specialist Mark Aquino thought that ‘legal blindness’ would be the end of his ability to fully enjoy and see the world, he found hope at Shinagawa Lasik Center.

From an eye grade of 450/325 with astigmatism of 0.50 on both eyes, he now enjoys a 20/12 vision. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Jaime Dinglasan, Jr.

Mark can now fully enjoy his adventures as he explore other places and discover diverse cultures.

“Claiming my Freedom to See” was how Mark named the short video posted on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Shinagawa Getgo Card

Conquering the World with Perfect Vision

Are you a travel junkie but cannot make the most out of your trips because you lose your glasses or your contact lenses were torn? Bid good bye to your “second eyes” after LASIK surgery. Fully enjoy your adventures without the hassle! See how LASIK can become your best friend when it comes to your dream travels.

  1. Worry-less during emergencies

Time will always come where difficult situation arises. But if you had to act fast and your eyeglass is not anywhere near, you might put yourself in a more dangerous situation. Feel secure during your flights and trips without fumbling for your vision aids.

  1. Trips are more enjoyable

Explore more of the best sights to see with everything is as clear as HD. After LASIK, you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off or your eyes getting dry from contacts. You now have the freedom to enjoy your next trips and adventures; may it be  a simple walk in the beach, temple hopping in a new city, or engaging in  extreme activities like parasailing, surfing, or conquering a new mountain.

  1. Save time and space

Packing can be a hassle if you’re an occasional traveler. Just imagine how additional stress it will take you     to pack your lens         solution in a smaller container. Plus, you will waste your time finding your eyeglass case    underneath your pile of clothes.  Save the extra time and space by getting rid of them.

  1. Swimming is something you can now do

Dunk your whole body in the ocean and enjoy the underwater world. Prescription goggles do exist but who doesn’t want to swim free without anything attached to your body. Besides, you’re already wearing glasses on land, do you want to wear the same thing under water? Enjoy the crystal clear waters as much as you enjoy your crystal clear vision.

  1. Appreciate light shows

Night-life is always fun in any country. But you can’t truly enjoy it since they irritate your vision or the lights reflect to your eyeglass. After having a clearer vision, you can now appreciate every color of light there is!

  1. Be photo ready anytime

Make the most out of the view by having them as your photo background. Show your true beauty underneath your eyeglasses. Also, you will never have any marks on the side of your ears and on your nose bridge which is never charming.

  1. Say yes to sunglasses!

Never again would you need to squint every time the sun hits your eye.  Look and feel fashionable with your new specs. You can now enjoy the warmth without sacrificing your vision.

  1. Feel free

Change your life by having perfect vision. You deserve to be free and see the world in its full bloom. Bid good bye to your glasses and contacts forever!

Traveling to see the world is fun but it is more fun if you can see it with a crystal clear vision. Not seeing clearly somehow defeats the reason why you travel: to enjoy the sceneries and to see diverse cultures. Enjoy every detail of life and put a pin to your next travel destination.

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“Eye” Can Relax

In this age of technology, our eyes are glued to the screens of our smart phones or desktops 24/7. Long exposure to gadgets can lead to different eye disorders which is why our eyes also need some time to rest.

In order to maintain the optimum health for your eyes, here are some exercises that can help them relax to prevent any eye problems in the future:

Woman Covering Her Eyes

  1. Palming

    This method is the simplest exercise that can be done anywhere. Even if you are just sitting in your work desk, you can just simply close your eyes and cover them with your palms. Gently apply very light pressure while you take deep and slow breaths. It is a good workout to your eyes for it gives them some time to rest from all lights in the environment.

    Eyes Shifting

  2. Shifting

    Another easy workout is shifting your eyes to different directions. It can be done even with your eyes closed. Just simply look to the right corner and gently shift your eyes to the left corner. You can also do this by looking upward and gently changing the direction downward.


  3. Blinking

    Although we blink constantly, it is considered as a good eye exercise. Simply blink your eyes faster than you normally would. You can also practice blinking and opening your eyes slowly which can help flex the eye muscle.
    Pen and Eyeglasses on a Book
  4. FocusingAs the name implies, just simply focus your sight to three directions: near, middle and far. Firstly, spot an object near to you. After sometime, change your focus to another object farther than the first one. Lastly, focus on the farthest object. Do this as long as you want to strengthen your eye muscles.

    A Woman Napping on Her Laptop

  5. Napping

    One of the best relaxations for your eyes is taking them for a quick nap. Especially if you face a computer screen every day, you should provide at least a 20-minute break for them. An additional exercise is to stare at blank or green walls, for it is said that the color green helps our minds relax.

These simple exercises do not serve as a cure to existing disorders such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. It just merely helps your eyes to calm down and unwind even for a short time.

Dedicating at least 10 minutes of eye exercise everyday would be a good habit especially when we cannot escape the reality that smart phones and desktop are now a part of our lives.

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