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Here’s Why Your Kids Need Regular Eye Exams

From writing and studying to sports and after-school activities, having a clear vision and healthy eyes are instrumental to a child’s learning and development.

Still, most parents sometimes take their kids’ vision for granted.

There are a few factors that may be preventing parents from understanding the importance of scheduling comprehensive eye exams for their children, so we’re here to set the record straight.

Here are reasons why regular comprehensive eye exams are essential for kids.

Poor Vision Can Negatively Affect a Child’s Academic Performance and Experience

Roughly 80 percent of what a child learns in school is visually presented to them. And studies have shown that children with unchecked, undiagnosed vision conditions often have problems adjusting at school, difficulties with learning, and issues with social interactions.

Additionally, poor vision in children can often result in serious learning-related vision problems that may impact your child for years to come. For instance, many side effects of poor vision in school children include poor performances in reading, writing, and concentration.

Vision Screenings Don’t Catch Everything

Although pediatric doctors and schools provide vision screenings, there’s a misconception that these screenings serve as comprehensive eye exams, when, in fact, they don’t. Vision screenings are only able to test for distance vision and visual sharpness, and a child with 20/20 vision might still have an eye condition. Also, vision screenings can miss up to 80 percent of vision problems that may lead to vision loss, if not caught early and treated.

The Eyes May Uncover a Child’s Risk for Depression

According to a study by researchers at Binghamton University overseas, how children’s pupils react to sad faces can help determine their risk of developing depression. They measured the pupils of children of depressed mothers while they viewed angry, happy, and sad faces on a screen, and for two years afterward, the children were assessed for depressive symptoms. The researchers discovered that those with relatively greater pupil dilation when viewing sad faces tended to have higher levels of symptoms of a clinically significant depressive episode earlier after the screen test.

The Onset of Vision Problems Doesn’t Always Have Tell-Tale Signs

Sometimes, it can be fairly simple for parents to spot that their child has an eye problem. If a child is experiencing chronic redness or swelling, frequently eye-rubbing or excessively blinking, then it’s definitely time to visit an eye doctor.

However, some symptoms of an eye condition may not appear until the problem has done irreversible damage. With eye care, as with many other medical disciplines, prevention is often the key to lasting health.

At Shinagawa BGC, we provide a one-stop shop for all of your child’s eye care needs. Our highly-trained pediatric ophthalmologists perform comprehensive eye exams that can help ensure your child enjoys all the benefits that clear vision provides—both in and out of school. And with our convenient optical shop, your child can choose from a wide selection of the latest, most stylish eyeglass frames.

Ready to schedule an eye exam for your child with one of our friendly and experienced pediatric doctors? Contact us at Shinagawa today!

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Roxanne Atayde-Wenceslao's LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

Comfort & Care In Roxanne’s LASIK Journey

The expertise and experience of our doctors and entire medical team allay patients’ fears when it comes to their LASIK journey.

Roxanne Atayde-Wenceslao, a geologist, felt very comfortable during her LASIK journey, which she attributed to Shinagawa’s proficiency in proper eye care and procedures.

“I had my ULTRA LASIK in Shinagawa BGC and I would like to commend all Shinagawa doctors and staff for a very customer-oriented service. I felt like a VIP!” bared Roxanne.

“I didn’t fear having my LASIK because I know that Shinagawa doctors are very talented and highly experienced in the field. That made me really feel at ease and comfortable.”

If you are nervous about LASIK, we know it’s normal but our team can most definitely ease your worries away as we thrive in giving the gift of bright vision safely. Let us take care of you, too!

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Miles Franciscso's LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

Very Necessary: Miles’ Road To 20/20 Vision

LASIK proved to be necessary for Miles Francisco, a dedicated college student.

He himself felt the need for it as he went through with him everyday life with blurry vision.

“I really didn’t intend to get LASIK at first because I thought it was really unnecessary, but after a month, I’m glad that I went and did it because now I don’t need to find and use eyeglasses which sometimes becomes tedious,” shared Miles.

“I had my LASIK done at Shinagawa and my vision went from 500/375 to 20/20. I recommend Shinagawa because I had a good experience. The staff was very friendly and the place was nice and clean.”

You won’t know what you’re missing until you have it. The same goes with bright eyesight. Schedule your LASIK screening now!

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LASIK Delivers Immediate Results That Last | Shinagawa Blog

LASIK Delivers Immediate Results That Last

LASIK is a vision correction surgery that is usually done to enhance a person’s lifestyle. The results are often immediate and last a lifetime.

The recovery period during LASIK involves a low level of work and caution to get through. Once recovery finishes, you can begin to experience your new vision!

Here are a few ways that LASIK changes life:

Eliminating Limits

Glasses and contacts can be super restrictive on your lifestyle. They are notorious for being easy to forget or lose and can break due to their fragile nature. In other terms, they can hold you back.

Not having to worry about being able to see frees you up to do the things you love to do. After LASIK you can enjoy activities without the limits of glasses or contacts!

Travel is another big one. You can travel without LASIK, but losing your contacts while on vacation ruins it. You also have to worry about packing extra contacts, spare glasses, and solution.

Forgetting any of these things is guaranteed to make your life more difficult. That is a lot of small things to forget, lose, or run out of.

Another is your ability to lead an active lifestyle. Of course, people with glasses can live healthy lives, but it is more difficult with glasses. Wearing glasses when playing a sport is dangerous because they can fall off and get broken.

Not to mention, trying to be active in glasses is distracting and hard to do. Lenses fog up and frames slide down your nose, taking you out of the moment and destroying your focus.

Have you ever seen something that you wanted to try but felt like you couldn’t because of glasses? You’re not alone. Glasses are a wonderful short-term strategy for sight but they shouldn’t be a permanent solution. Life after LASIK is a beautiful thing to experience, trust us!

More Savings on Quick Fixes

The upfront cost of LASIK may seem challenging, but it’s a worthy investment.

After LASIK, say goodbye to spending money on glasses and contacts! If you added it up, you spend thousands of pesos each year on glasses, contacts, and accessories.

Getting LASIK in your mid to late twenties could mean saving thousands over the course of your life! Think of what you could do with all the money you saved. You could plan that perfect tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of, or buy a fancy purse. The opportunities are endless!

You do need to be at least 18 years old to receive LASIK. You should also have a prescription that has been stable for a year or more.

Learn more about LASIK and what it can do for you during a LASIK consultation and screening at Shinagawa. You don’t have to live a life held back by glasses or contacts forever!

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Jody Mones LASIK | Shinagawa Feature Story

Jody Mones: Better Sight, Better Life LASIK

Again and again, LASIK improves lives.

Jody Mones, an operation manager, had trouble with her deteriorating vision for a good chunk of time.

She never thought it would be possible to have her deteriorating eyesight restored until she went to Shinagawa and had LASIK.

“Just when you thought your vision and mission in life wouldn’t become so much better because of your deteriorating eyesight, Shinagawa, with its awesome and accommodating staff, made it seamless and steadfast!” exclaimed Jody.

“I have only good words for Shinagawa and I am very much thankful for getting LASIK as this decision completely improved my life.”

Jody added that having LASIK was most certainly one of her best decisions yet.

“I certainly made the best decision to make it happen NOW and enjoy the best views life can offer! Thank you, Shinagawa for enhancing not just the vision of most but for changing our lives for the BEST!”

Do you also have deteriorating eyesight? Chances are it’s never too late. Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Screening at Shinagawa and let’s do something about it!

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