Right Habits to Observe in Makeup Usage

Women spend a lot of their time every day to put on makeup. But are they doing it the right way? Unhealthy makeup practice can lead affect the eyes and that may eventually result to poor eyesight. Hence, it is essential to follow the right ways and habits in terms of using makeups.

Here are some eye makeup tips that may help maintain an optimum eye health:


1. Pay attention to expiration dates

Just like any product, your eye makeup also expires. Using old mascaras and eye liners can cause bacterial infection which can damage your eyes. Your mascara wand can be a bridge for viruses to spread onto your lashes. Do not attempt to revive your dry mascara using eye drops (not everything on the internet is true!).  If it goes beyond 3-4 months, just buy a new one and toss the old makeup in the trash. Your eyes would thank you for it.


2. Check the formulation

With the rising demand for makeup, more and more people are trying to replicate high-end eye shadows. Due to this, people opt to buy fake makeups which are more than 80% less their original price. However, anything cheap should always make you question its price and quality.

It’s almost a guarantee that most fake products do not include the real ingredients used in their original counterparts. Most likely, they would just copy and paste the label of the original product. However, reports claim that these cosmetics may contain mercury, lead, cyanide and even rat droppings. Instead of buying fake makeup, choose cheaper alternatives that can be found at the drugstore.

Putting Makeup on

3. Sharing is not always caring

Avoid sharing cosmetics especially when someone is showing signs of eye irritation. To avoid getting contagious eye diseases such as pink eye (conjunctivitis), make sure to keep your makeup to yourself. Same goes with your makeup tools such as eye shadow brushes and eyelash curler.

Eye shadow

4. Not all that Glitters are Gold

Several beauty gurus apply glitters on their eyelids effortlessly. However, if it’s your first time, be extra careful. Those tiny products can cause corneal irritation and infection. Same goes with putting fake lashes where you might accidentally poke your eye with the lash, or even put eyelash glue to your eyeballs. For starters, try doing natural makeup looks that does not require advanced skills.


5. Sanitize before application

In using makeup testers, make sure to ask for a new stock. If limited, use a tissue with alcohol to sanitize the products. Also, always wash your hands and clean your makeup tools before you let them touch your face.

Anything that you apply near your eye is risky. Being cautious with what and how you put your makeup on is a factor in having and maintaining healthy eyes.

For more information about the dangers of not removing your eye makeup at night, click here

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Girl lying down

Why You Should Not Sleep with Eye Makeup on

Microscope view

There are days when we are so worn-out we couldn’t even find the time to remove our eye makeup. We go directly to our bed without realizing the dangers that beauty products can do to our eyes and skin. Instead of helping us enhance our facial features, they might be the reason why our beauty is deteriorating.

Aside from the sticky feeling it leaves on the following day, leaving makeup on can cause inflammation especially in the eye area. The number one culprit for having eyelid irritation is leaving your mascara, liner and eye shadow on for a longer period of time.

Mascara may give us longer and fuller lashes but it may also cause blepharitis. It is when the base of our eyelashes are contaminated with bacteria and dandruff-like flaking occurs. Doctors suggest that neglecting makeup is one factor that may cause eye redness, dryness and infection. Although treatable, it causes discomfort to those who wear contact lenses.




Due to bad makeup hygiene, severe cases such as mite infection occurs. Certain critters called demodex could start creating a community on your eyelids. Demodex mites can survive in areas which gives a good food production, in this case, sebum left in oil glands. Moreover, these mites can cause discomfort especially to those who are contact lens wearers. The person with demodex infected eyelids feels as if something is hindering their vision and notices the small bumps on their eyelid margins.

Washing your face with just soap and water is not enough to remove your makeup residue. Find a remover that is suitable to your skin and can effectively remove every eyeliner mark or mascara clump. This will not only make you feel refreshed but also save you from losing your beauty.

Truly, it is fun to put on makeup which is why girls invest their time to do it every morning. However, to avoid future complications, especially with eyes, ladies should also invest their time and effort in removing their makeup. Who wouldn’t want to sleep feeling refreshed anyways?

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That Was Fast, LASIK! I Can See Perfectly Now

How quick can LASIK surgery change a person’s life for the better?

Having LASIK for people who struggles daily with their poor vision and with their eye glasses is more than the answer. Imagine seeing perfectly without having to deal with eye glasses and contact lenses. That’s the beauty of LASIK. After having it, the difference from pre-surgery vision will be night and day.

The best thing about LASIK is that it is proven to correct vision and it is tried and tested. It’s a guarantee for a person to regain clear vision through the power and help of LASIK. Furthermore, vision is swiftly corrected almost instantly after surgery or the day after in most cases. That’s how convenient it is!

Through the power of LASIK, acquiring a bright vision the fastest is no longer scarce.

Girl Covering her mouth

Most people return to work the very next day, or in the next few days at the very least, after their procedure. With that, having to miss significant amount of time due to recovery will not be a concern.

In fact, an average LASIK patient can instantly get back to reading, working on the computer and watching television just 24 hours after the procedure. Also, a patient can fly on a plane as well the very next day.

While having this effective eye surgery heals your vision fully in a snap, it doesn’t stop there.

Girl pointing at her eyes

It is mandatory for a people who underwent LASIK to have their eyes checked a week and a month after procedure. Doctors require patients to be checked in the next 24-48 hours after surgery to ensure the healing process of the eyes.

From there, they will know the specific result and their new visual acuity. A perfect 20/20 vision, or even better, is expected once a person fully recovers and harnesses the benefits of having LASIK.

Still, the quick recovery time after having LASIK is something amazing. That’s one of the countless reasons why LASIK is very suitable for people struggle with their vision as it typically stabilizes very quickly.

You lose your eye glasses, you lose your contact lenses, you lose your everyday vision struggles and then you regain your perfect vision. Perfect swap, right?! It is! You can’t go wrong with LASIK.

Female Athlete

Brighter Eyes, Better Performance for Athletes

Athletic and have a poor eye sight? Perhaps, you need LASIK eye surgery.

Poor vision affects the performance of an athlete and it can surely be a handicap in terms of competition. Athletes with poor eyesight find it difficult to fully maximize their skills and talents.

Having sharp eyes can more often than not be the difference maker in sports. No wonder, athletes who have blurry vision feel they have some significant disadvantage compared to others who have the luxury of a clear eyesight.

Some tried to wear sports goggles and/or contact lenses to help their vision but the inconvenience and the uncomfortable feeling they can give also affects an athlete’s performance.

Woman Wearing Sports Goggles

However, they can worry no more as there’s a right answer to their nagging vision problems.

Through a quick and painless procedure, LASIK restores clear vision by reshaping the parts of the eye that filters light and focus vision, enabling athletes to go full force in performing in their respective sports with their eyes not holding them back anymore.

Athletes can win more games and win their clear vision back through the power of LASIK. Furthermore, they can also avoid injuries better as their alertness level, through better peripheral vision, go up a notch as well as their depth perception.

The right combination of a bright eyesight and skills certainly pushes an athlete to perform better under improved circumstances. The clearer an athlete see, the better it can analyse a situation and apply its talent and skills for favorable results.

Aljon Mariano Shinagawa PH

Tried and Tested

Imagine aiming a shot at the basket and not having a clear view. How about racing while not seeing the track clearly? Not acceptable for professional athletes, right?

That’s why in sports, eye sight is equally as important as talent and skills.

Top-notch racers Michelle Bumgarner and Dustin “The Dustroyer” Esguerra admitted that LASIK is indeed a difference maker in racing, especially for them who previously struggles with their visions.

Michelle Bumgarner Shinagawa PH

Dustin Esguerra Shinagawa PH


“Ever since I started racing, I’ve been wearing eyeglasses and this has been a handicap for me. I cannot wear eyeglasses underneath my helmet as it will be dangerous once I crash,” described Esguerra.

“Having a perfect vision has always been just a dream, until Shinagawa LASIK center came. It became a reality. It is a life-changer. Now with a 20/15 VISION, I can easily decide whatever maneuver I will be doing inside the race track. When travelling in full speed, I need to act upon as quickly as possible. Brain can only process whatever we see. Before, I need to be very close to an object before I see it clearly.”

Bumgarner shared the same sentiments.

“Racing at a speed of almost 200 mph, the last thing I need to worry about is my eyesight. Shinagawa’s Z LASIK has helped me tremendously in my personal life and my professional career,” shared Bumgarner.

Some of the premier basketball players in the country also shared how having LASIK at Shinagawa helped them regain their bright eye sight back and how it helped them be sharper on the court.

Men Playing Basketball

For San Miguel Beermen ace guard Alex Cabagnot, having better vision through LASIK just brought out even more fire in him in terms of competition.

“Z LASIK at Shinagawa Lasik Center is truly remarkable. I feel better with my new vision. I’m very happy with the results,” described Cabagnot. “With my clear eyesight now, playing basketball is a lot more competitive. I highly recommend it for athletes.”

Meralco’s Joseph Yeo admitted that seeing the goal is much easier after his LASIK procedure.

“I should’ve done it (LASIK) earlier. Z LASIK at Shinagawa is amazing,” shared Yeo. “Now, I can see the goal from the halfcourt line, more than enough for a game-winning shot.”

For athletes who are having nagging problems with their vision, it’s advisable for them to have LASIK to help them perform better and prolong their careers.

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How Your Eyes Show Your Personality

Ever wonder why we all have different eye shapes? Aside from the fact that we have diverse races, our eye shape is said to be a reflection of our personality. Our eyes do not only allow us to see the beauty of the world but it also serves as an expression of who we are inside.

To know what kind of person you are, check the chart below to know your eye shape:

Eye Shapes Chart

Almond-Shaped Eyes

People with almond-shaped eyes are known for their calm nature. These are the people tend to keep their cool despite the stress. They are generally known for their warm and kind spirit, however, they may also be afraid to take chances and tend to worry about changes. Adding to their positive personality is their desire of living a balanced life.

Protruding Eyes

Those people who enjoy leaping out of the box have protruding eyes. Despite their creative and fun nature, they are often direct and insensitive. However, their emotions are often visible and sometimes, they decide based on their sentiments. They are less likely to be realists and tend to spend most of their time galloping inside their imagination.

Hooded Eyes

Despite having hooded eyes, these people are the keenest to details. They make sure that everything is in place and every element is perfect. They prefer to hang out alone and would rather read a book on a Friday night than go to a party. Their focused and sharp mind makes it easier for them to accomplish a task. Generally, they are known to be skillful people who do everything with careful thinking.

Closed Set Eyes

People with closed set eyes are also focused and disciplined. However, they are not as calm and they tend to worry under stress. They find it hard to adapt to change since they tend to be traditional. These short-tempered people also give importance to details and their energy makes it easier for them to socialize.

Wide Set Eyes

Meanwhile, people having wide-set eyes are the opposite. It is very easy for them to cope up with change. In fact, they are adventurous and they love to look at other options. They hate routines and would rather travel the world than work in the office. Generally, they don’t worry over every detail in life.

Downturned eyes

Lastly, people with eyes that stick out from their sockets, or those with downturned eyes, are the type of people which you can keep as friends for a long time. These people would rather spend quality time with their loved ones or with a small group of friends than with a bigger group.

Our eyes are indeed the window to our soul. In a way, they may express our feelings and emotions with just a glance but little did we know that our eye shape may reveal who we are inside.

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