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Feels Good As New: Ces Angeles’ Rebirth After ULTRA LASIK

Mother knows best.

Lifestyle and travel blogger Ces Angeles knew exactly what’s best both for her and for her son, Franco.

She knew exactly that having ULTRA LASIK at Shinagawa is the way to go if she is to enhance their daily lives.

After doing some in-depth research on Shinagawa’s LASIK prior to her appointment and procedure, Ces was certain of what she wanted for all the good and tested reasons.

“I had ULTRA LASIK at Shinagawa since it uses an advanced machine that makes it possible to have the shortest recovery time and can cater to more complicated eye conditions. Only Shinagawa has this technology in the Philippines. Since I have Franco to take care of 24/7, I chose this.”

Ces was thrilled that her high expectations coming in were met by the ULTRA LASIK with flying colors as the results were instantly felt.

Ces Angeles for LASIK Post Opt Check Up | Shinagawa Feature Story

“It’s true! Around 2.5 hours after LASIK, I already feel good as new with my 20/12 vision!”

The hands-on mom shared the reasons why it is important for her to have the best possible vision through the best possible LASIK procedure in the country.

“I have been wearing eyeglasses for about 9 years. My eye grade was 250-300 with astigmatism. I really don’t mind wearing them…until I had a baby. My son Franco used to grab them from my face and throw it on the floor (the reason why it became crooked). “

“If I don’t wear it around him, I’m finding it hard to see him clearly. Needless to say, it started to feel inconvenient for me to walk around with my broken eyeglasses and our never-ending eyeglass tug-of-war. So I thought, it’s about time to have LASIK!”

Soonest following her ULTRA LASIK, the difference and better life were already evident for Ces.

“I can already tell that my vision has already improved. I can see the trees and store signs that I never noticed before even with my eyeglasses!”

Know what’s best for you and for your family, too. Discover an easier and enhanced life with a brighter vision. Have the country’s finest ULTRA LASIK for your own good. Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 for inquiries and bookings.

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