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Reasons Why You Should Chew Your Food Properly

When you’re super hungry, your tendency is to eat right away at a fast pace to fill up your aching stomach.

Think back to your last meal—did you give any thought to how long you chewed your bites of food for? Probably not.

For most of us, chewing is like a habit or reflex done without any conscious effort. However, the process of chewing is quite important to your overall health and serves as the first step of your digestion process.

Here are a few reasons to consider slower chewing at your next meal.

  1. Chewing longer helps you maintain a healthy weight. The longer you chew, the more time it takes you to complete a meal. This can help you eat less as opposed to chomping down dinner without even tasting it.
  2. You’ll absorb more nutrients and energy from your food. By slowing down your chewing habits, you’ll help to break food down more than you would by rushing through a meal.
  3. It’s great for your teeth. The bones and muscles in your mouth get a workout when you chew, which helps keep them strong.
  4. Increased saliva production. The more you chew, the more saliva forms in your mouth which help to clear food out of the crevices of your teeth and make swallowing easier.
  5. It helps you enjoy your food. After all, don’t you want to savor the taste of your favorite meal rather than just tossing it back without a thought?

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