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Clean Teeth Associated To Healthier Heart

Apparently, maintaining clean teeth is good for the heart. That’s according to some advanced dental studies done recently.

Advanced studies in Europe propose that brushing teeth frequently is linked with lower risks of atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and heart failure (the heart’s ability to pump blood or relax and fill with blood is impaired).

In a comprehensive experiment and case study, participants underwent a routine medical examination between 2003 and 2004. Information was collected on height, weight, laboratory tests, illnesses, lifestyle, oral health, and oral hygiene behaviors.

During a median follow-up of 10.5 years, 4,911 (3.0%) participants developed atrial fibrillation and 7,971 (4.9%) developed heart failure.

Tooth brushing three or more times a day was associated with a 10% lower risk of atrial fibrillation and a 12% lower risk of heart failure during a 10.5-year follow up.

The findings were independent of a number of factors including age, sex, socioeconomic status, regular exercise, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and comorbidities such as hypertension.

This is just one of the countless benefits you get when you keep your teeth clean.

Shinagawa Orthodontics’ Laser Teeth Whitening can give you a lot of benefits aside from cleaning your teeth extensively.

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