Celebrity Testimonials

Julie Anne San Jose for Aesthetics

“Keeping my skin and body as glowing as possible is a priority for me. It really is a pre-requisite for us artists to keep ourselves in the best shape.

That’s why I really trust Shinagawa Aesthetics to help in taking care of my skin and body. I am comfortable with my treatments there and happy with the evident results.”

“I’m having my Hair Restoration Treatment at Shinagawa Aesthetics. I’m not a vain person but when it comes to aging, I’m a realist.

When my main reason for staying strong, my son Myles, pointed out that I’m losing hair and that’s a blow not only to my youth but to my confidence as well, I ended up committing to the procedure at Shinagawa after much research and I’m just excited to share my experience and this journey.”

“Thank you so much to my Shinagawa family for always taking care of me. With their help, my skin is taken good care of. Hands down, one of the best in the business. I highly recommend Shinagawa Aesthetics! It makes a difference in my life.”

“I regularly have my bi-weekly facial at Shinagawa Aesthetics. I make it a point to visit the clinic when I get the chance for my usual treatments (Facial, Fractional, Synchroderm Plus, and Dermlift Vampire Facial) to offset the effects of all the makeup, sweat, and lack of sleep from work.

I am always welcomed in high spirits at Shinagawa as they clean me up, give me treatments, and some much-needed pampering, every now and then. That’s why I always look forward to my leisure days and me-time because of the rest and relaxation I get on my days off when I visit Shinagawa.

I’m thankful to my aesthetics treatments at Shinagawa and all its accommodating staff for always making my visits so convenient. They really know how to accommodate and never cease to take good care of me whenever I get the chance to drop by. They never fail to accommodate me with warm welcomes and attentive care.”

“Despite my hectic schedule, I make it a point to pay Shinagawa a visit to get that “skin glow” that’s just perfect for my active lifestyle. Yes, nothing’s perfect but with Shinagawa, I can brave these imperfections and make it even more interesting.”

“With hair restoration treatment at Shinagawa, I don’t need to worry about my receding hairline.”

“My clear and smooth skin gives me more confidence to perform and connect with my audience. Thank you Shinagawa!”

“Shinagawa utilizes the latest and advanced machine to guarantee customer satisfaction.”

“Thank you for always making sure I’m beautiful and sexy.”

Other Patient Testimonials


I started to have several treatments for my skin just this year at Shinagawa Aesthetics as it was strongly referred to me by a friend. I first had their Dermplus and Fractional and after a few weeks, I already saw some significant changes and improvements in my skin.

With those results, I followed by availing Gluta IV and I’m already on my fifth session. I can tell you, it’s effective! It was a wise decision to trust Shinagawa for my skin. I thank them for the improvements and I’m looking forward to more results.

These treatments will help me achieve my goal to have a healthier skin and a better appearance this year.”

“Every girl dreams of having smooth underarms and I am not an exception. To have smooth and light underarms, I get Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal treatment at Shinagawa. I prefer it over plucking or waxing because of the long-term benefits plus the process is quick and painless. I’m also currently using Celesty Flora Intense White Underarm Cream, which you purchase at their clinic along with other Celesty products. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already see a difference! Thanks Shinagawa!”

“It’s my first-time to get Facial and Synchroderm Plus at Shinagawa and I know I’ll be coming back for more. Aside from cleaning and brightening my face, the Facial is relaxing. The Synchro treatment is also excellent. My face gets instantly rejuvenated and my pores and dark undereye circles are minimized. My friends say I look more vibrant and younger-looking now.”

“FaceSlim was one of the many preparations I did for my wedding day. Like all happy brides, I wanted to look my most beautiful on my special day not just in the eyes of my groom and loved ones but also in my wedding pictures. I wanted to have a slimmer, more radiant, and younger-looking face, but it’s naturally round and chubby. I went through diet and exercise but my face did not change.

Luckily, I was aware of the FaceSlim treatment at Shinagawa Aesthetics Center. I got three sessions of FaceSlim down to my wedding day. Everyone could clearly see the difference.

Thank you Shinagawa. Indeed a beautiful tranaformation!”


I prefer Shinagawa Aesthetics Center over other skin clinics for Facials because their doctors recommend the suitable facial treatment for patient’s skin type before the procedure.

My facials were done by highly trained aesthetics nurses, which made me trust Shinagawa more. The facial massage was also relaxing.”


I used to have bigote and it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. Of course, I couldn’t shave it because it will grow back thicker. Yikes! Waxing naman is a hassle and sometimes painful.

Thanks to Shinagawa’s Ultima Laser Hair Removal, my moustache is gone and I feel way more feminine and confident now.”


For girls like me who love wearing sleeveless tops, having smooth and light underarms is a must. It boosts confidence and I personally think that it adds charm because it gives people the impression that we are neat and hygienic.

For hairy underarms, I recommend Shinagawa’s Ultima Laser Hair Removal treatment because it’s convenient, painless, and it slows down future hair growth. If you have dark armpits, it’s also best to get chemical peeling. It brightens the area and also smoothens out the chicken skin.”


Every now and then, I get a pampering facial treatment at Shinagawa. I love the fact that their facials are performed by licensed nurses who are also very friendly. I also get to choose different types of facial—whitening, anti-aging, and my favorite anti-acne. Aside from helping me maintain a clean and refreshed face, the facial sessions give me time to relax and de-stress.”


Shinagawa Aesthetics Center is my go-to clinic for skin concerns. The dermatologists are very professional and friendly. They always recommend the best treatments for patients before undergoing any procedures.

I got Fractional Laser there to get rid of my deep acne scars. I also had 6 sessions of Ultima Laser Hair Removal for the bikini area. About 3 months ago, I started having gluta shots for brighter, whiter skin. Look how glowing I have now become!”


As I got older, I noticed that my eyebags were getting worse. I knew I just had to do something about it before it’s too late. My friend told about the blepharoplasty procedure at Shinagawa so I went their clinic for a free consultation. Eventually I got my eyebags removed and it made a lot of difference. My eyes looked brighter and younger now. Thank you Shinagawa!”

“I get Anti-Acne Facial and SynchroDerm Plus at Shinagawa every now and then, especially when I’m preparing for social events. The facial cleansed and refreshed my face while the Synchro minimized my pores and improved my skin texture. I think men should not feel awkward about getting skin treatments because they help a lot with grooming, especially when you don’t have time to DIY.”

“I tried Shinagawa’s Facial and SynchroDerm procedures in one day and I can say that it was really good. My face felt more refreshed and relaxed and my classmates said I looked handsomer, hahaha! The treatments were also quick and convenient. No downtime for Synchro. Highly recommended.”

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