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“Getting LASIK was the best thing that happened to me and I am so lucky to have done it at Shinagawa!

Thank you so much for the safest and quickest procedure! They have my full trust— all the doctors, nurses, and the staff were very nice and gentle and safe, they really took care of me well!

Since 5th grade, I have struggled immensely with my vision as high as -4.50 in both eyes. I started wearing soft contact lenses at a young age (almost every day) and it was the most hassle feeling ever to have had heavy dry eyes all the time. But then my eyes were so busted I could only see glare without contacts or glasses.

Until now, I still find it hard to believe that I can wake up with my vision literally crystal clear.

If you’re tired of having bad eyesight, right now I am urging you to think about it! I swear life-changing and the best reward for yourself! Bye-bye greasy glasses! Big thanks to Shinagawa!”

Arra San AgustinActress/Model

“I’ve always had bad vision. I started having vision problems in my grade school years, got even worse as the years passed. Then I developed a bad case of astigmatism in my high school years. It wasn’t easy hurdling the challenges of having to deal with it.

As a student and as a budding actor at that time, I had to deal with the hassle of having to wear corrective glasses the whole day. During tapings or shootings, I usually had bouts of migraine every time I had to remove my glasses when it was time to do our thing on the set.

Then, came the time when I decided to finally put an end to all the discomfort! Thanks to LASIK and Shinagawa for paving the way for me to enjoy perfect vision again. With the latest LASIK technology, I can now enjoy life to its fullest.”

Martin Del RosarioActor

“I’ve been wearing glasses since forever and I’ve been struggling a lot wearing my contact lenses every single day. People with myopia know how hassle it is to wear glasses and contact lenses and not being able to see clearly without them.

Thanks to the LASIK treatment at Shinagawa, now I have 20/10 vision!! I can’t thank them enough for improving the quality of my life!”

Celeste CortesiBeauty Queen/Model

“As an actress, it really is difficult having poor eyesight. I find it tough to quickly recognize people I encounter every day that’s why I always needed to wear glasses or contacts.

The hardest part for me was everything was slowed down because of my eyes and vision. That’s why I’m very happy that I found out about Shinagawa Lasik Center. LASIK was life-changing!

Now, I have a 20/10 vision! And now, I can finally see the world clearly!”

Sanya LopezActress/Model

“Put off LASIK for so long and I’m sure I’m not alone on that but there’s a reason why people always say that LASIK is life-changing. It was!

I finally found that out for myself when I had ULTRA LASIK Advanced, the country’s best LASIK treatment, thanks to Shinagawa BGC!

Saying sayonara and good riddance to my glasses and contacts at last! I don’t need to be handicapped by my sight anymore and trust me, it’s an amazing feeling! Let this be your sign to take the leap!”

Patch MagtanongBeauty Queen/Lawyer/Model

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