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“Put off LASIK for so long and I’m sure I’m not alone on that but there’s a reason why people always say that LASIK is life-changing. It was!

I finally found that out for myself when I had ULTRA LASIK Advanced, the country’s best LASIK treatment, thanks to Shinagawa BGC!

Saying sayonara and good riddance to my glasses and contacts at last! I don’t need to be handicapped by my sight anymore and trust me, it’s an amazing feeling! Let this be your sign to take the leap!”

Patch MagtanongBeauty Queen/Lawyer/Model

“I finally had the best LASIK, the ULTRA LASIK Advanced at Shinagawa BGC! It was certainly the best decision of my life!

My brighter eyesight of 20/12 (left eye) and 20/10 (right eye) will help me in my career and daily life, thanks Shinagawa!”

Moala TautuaaProfessional Basketball Player

“Goodbye eyeglasses! Been wearing eyeglasses since I was in grade school with 450 grade astigmatism on both eyes. It’s harder to function especially at work where I can’t always wear my specs.

But now, I never thought I’d see this clearly! Because of Shinagawa’s premier ULTRA LASIK treatment, I now have a 20/20 vision this 2020 onwards!”

Joshua ColetActor

“I am so happy with my 20/10 vision! I must say thank you, Shinagawa! No more blurred faces and I can now read online comments better.”

Lars PachecoHost

“Hooray! for 20/20 in 2020!

After years of contemplating, I finally got LASIK at Shinagawa! Best decision I ever made. I walked out of the clinic feeling like a new person.

No more eyeglasses, no more contact lenses, no more blurry vision. It’s a dream come true!

Many thanks Shinagawa for changing my life for the better.”

Dennise LazaroProfessional Volleyball Player

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