Celebrity Testimonials

“I had LASIK because I can no longer go on with having to wear contact lenses or eyeglasses most of the time. I was really having a hard time at work.

I’m telling you, it’s (LASIK) the best decision of my life! It’s super worth it, I’m really happy!

My vision is 20/12 already and it makes it so easy for me to see everything and read the prompter.

The procedure is super quick and painless. You’ll really be amazed that everything can be super bright after LASIK! I do recommend LASIK for those people having a hard time seeing.

It’s really all worth it. It’s an investment forever! My friends from showbiz, and outside also, did the procedure as well.

Thank you so much, Shinagawa! It’s like a whole new world for me now!”

“From 200 eye grade and 100 astigmatism all the way to 20/10 vision in just one day, thanks to Shinagawa!

No more hassle of wearing contacts and glasses!”

“Beyond blessed to finally have my eyes fixed through LASIK. I can’t wait to enjoy my 20/20 vision now!

I always had a hard time wearing my glasses and contacts daily as they often bother me when I play volleyball. Now, I don’t have to wear any of them!

Thank you to Shinagawa for a super comfortable and pain-free procedure. I love that its clinic was super clean and safe for everybody.

The staff and doctors were also very welcoming and they all took good care of me during the entire procedure.”

“No more contacts. No more glasses. This is me after having LASIK at Shinagawa. Back to normal except that my vision is now 20/12!

My eye grade before LASIK was 300 for both eyes. I’ve been wearing glasses since 2003 and contact lenses since 2005. It’s been 18 long years!

Now, I don’t have to wear them (glasses and contacts) anymore. I feel so free!

Thank you to the amazing staff and doctors of Shinagawa!”

“Getting LASIK was the best thing that happened to me and I am so lucky to have done it at Shinagawa!

Thank you so much for the safest and quickest procedure! They have my full trust— all the doctors, nurses, and the staff were very nice and gentle and safe, they really took care of me well!

Since 5th grade, I have struggled immensely with my vision as high as -4.50 in both eyes. I started wearing soft contact lenses at a young age (almost every day) and it was the most hassle feeling ever to have had heavy dry eyes all the time. But then my eyes were so busted I could only see glare without contacts or glasses.

Until now, I still find it hard to believe that I can wake up with my vision literally crystal clear.

If you’re tired of having bad eyesight, right now I am urging you to think about it! I swear life-changing and the best reward for yourself! Bye-bye greasy glasses! Big thanks to Shinagawa!”

“I’ve always had bad vision. I started having vision problems in my grade school years, got even worse as the years passed. Then I developed a bad case of astigmatism in my high school years. It wasn’t easy hurdling the challenges of having to deal with it.

As a student and as a budding actor at that time, I had to deal with the hassle of having to wear corrective glasses the whole day. During tapings or shootings, I usually had bouts of migraine every time I had to remove my glasses when it was time to do our thing on the set.

Then, came the time when I decided to finally put an end to all the discomfort! Thanks to LASIK and Shinagawa for paving the way for me to enjoy perfect vision again. With the latest LASIK technology, I can now enjoy life to its fullest.”

“I’ve been wearing glasses since forever and I’ve been struggling a lot wearing my contact lenses every single day. People with myopia know how hassle it is to wear glasses and contact lenses and not being able to see clearly without them.

Thanks to the LASIK treatment at Shinagawa, now I have 20/10 vision!! I can’t thank them enough for improving the quality of my life!”

“As an actress, it really is difficult having poor eyesight. I find it tough to quickly recognize people I encounter every day that’s why I always needed to wear glasses or contacts.

The hardest part for me was everything was slowed down because of my eyes and vision. That’s why I’m very happy that I found out about Shinagawa Lasik Center. LASIK was life-changing!

Now, I have a 20/10 vision! And now, I can finally see the world clearly!”

“Put off LASIK for so long and I’m sure I’m not alone on that but there’s a reason why people always say that LASIK is life-changing. It was!

I finally found that out for myself when I had ULTRA LASIK Advanced, the country’s best LASIK treatment, thanks to Shinagawa BGC!

Saying sayonara and good riddance to my glasses and contacts at last! I don’t need to be handicapped by my sight anymore and trust me, it’s an amazing feeling! Let this be your sign to take the leap!”

“I finally had the best LASIK, the ULTRA LASIK Advanced at Shinagawa BGC! It was certainly the best decision of my life!

My brighter eyesight of 20/12 (left eye) and 20/10 (right eye) will help me in my career and daily life, thanks Shinagawa!”

Joshua Colet for LASIK

“Goodbye eyeglasses! Been wearing eyeglasses since I was in grade school with 450 grade astigmatism on both eyes. It’s harder to function especially at work where I can’t always wear my specs.

But now, I never thought I’d see this clearly! Because of Shinagawa’s premier ULTRA LASIK treatment, I now have a 20/20 vision this 2020 onwards!”

“I decided to proceed with LASIK at Shinagawa because I trusted its Japanese roots and technologies, making me feel comfortable. It was quick and amazing!

I just had a three-hour nap after the procedure and when I woke up, everything’s clear already!

I’ve spent lots of money for contact lenses for the last 14 years and it wasn’t ideal and good, aside from being inconvenient.

This was a best decision for me to have a new vision for the New Year!”

“Hooray! for 20/20 in 2020!

After years of contemplating, I finally got LASIK at Shinagawa! Best decision I ever made. I walked out of the clinic feeling like a new person.

No more eyeglasses, no more contact lenses, no more blurry vision. It’s a dream come true!

Many thanks Shinagawa for changing my life for the better.”

“I underwent LASIK at Shinagawa and it was life-changing indeed.

From a grade of almost 300, I now have a 20/12 vision. Yes, 20/12! Amazing, right? I couldn’t be happier with my new vision. Now, I don’t have to wear glasses anymore.”

“Ever since 5th grade, my vision progressively got worse and worse. It was always a problem for me to have to wear glasses and contacts, especially when I have to shoot scenes with intense lighting, read several books, and use my laptop for papers in school.

But after a 10-minute LASIK procedure, all of that changed. I went from having 400 grade vision for both eyes to 20/10. I’m so grateful to Shinagawa for giving me such a comfortable and life changing experience.

It was always such a hassle for me because my eyes would never adjust to contacts and my eyes were always irritated because of it. But now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thank you Shinagawa! You changed my life.”

“My eye grade went from 650/650 down to 20/15 right after my LASIK surgery. Finally saying goodbye to contact lenses and glasses! So thankful for Shinagawa.

I’m so glad I got my LASIK at Shinagawa because my recovery was so breezy and so easy. There was no pain at all during the surgery. It’s actually painless and bladeless.

I was able to see perfectly well soon after. I was so blown away as everything is so HD! It helps a lot, especially now that I’m travelling. Shinagawa is really the best!

“Four eyes no more! I used to have 375/350 eye grade before having LASIK at Shinagawa but just shortly after, I now have not just a 20/20 vision, but a beyond perfect 20/10 vision!

It was truly life-changing to wake up and finally not needing to reach for my glasses to be able to see the world so clearly!”

“Bye eyeglasses! Shinagawa’s ULTRA LASIK procedure took only around 10 minutes and it gave me a 20/10 vision the soonest.

Shinagawa aimed for the best outcome and what’s best for me, and it was able to deliver!”

“My LASIK at Shinagawa lasted for less than 10 minutes and I am ecstatic to share that my vision is now 20/12 compared to 175/175. Gone are the days that I have to look for my glasses in the morning and I couldn’t find it because my son misplaced it, somewhere only he knows where! And no more wearing contact lenses for me. LASIK is truly life changing! Thank you Shinagawa!”

“I underwent LASIK at Shinagawa and it was very worth it. I now have a 20/10 vision!

It was very fast without any pain at all. It was basically 5 minutes for each eye and suddenly, your eyesight is bright already.

So, what made me say yes to LASIK?

First, I don’t want to wear glasses anymore. My eye grade is actually not that high compared to others, but I just really can’t take the hassle of wearing glasses anymore. Second, I am so into small bags at the moment and if I continue to have glasses and eye kit to go along, it will take up a lot of space. Lastly and most importantly, I just really want my eyesight to be bright. I want that vision that can read and identify people even from afar.

Big thanks to Shinagawa for giving me this opportunity to experience clear vision.”

“Imagine waking up and not reaching for your eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore. Through Shinagawa’s ULTRA LASIK procedure, I now enjoy an amazing 20/10 vision, which allows me to provide crisp and precise eyebrow tattoo strokes!

If you’re eyeing an excellent investment, consider Shinagawa’s premier LASIK procedure and you’ll never look at things the same way again.

“I’m now experiencing life in HD after having LASIK at Shinagawa. I had a high grade of 550 with astigmatism and now, I’m at 20/16 vision!

The procedure lasted less than 10 minutes and the downtime was not bad at all.

Now, I just feel the convenience of not having to need glasses anymore. I still feel like I’m forgetting something as I go through my day without my glasses, and it feels good getting used to this comfortable feeling.”

“LASIK has changed my life already. I can’t describe how happy and grateful I am. I now wake up with a 20/12 vision! Thank you, Shinagawa!

Why haven’t I thought of this before? The LASIK procedure didn’t even take 10 minutes!

No more hassle in reading my spiels. I can finally see the crowd clearer now whenever I perform, plus, I now enjoy watching at an IMAX theater. Before, I usually need to wear the 3D eyewear on top of my prescription glasses.

I’ve been wearing glasses since the 6th grade and it’s been a huge hassle for me all my life! Now, I don’t need my glasses anymore when I’m about to drive or watch TV.

Now, all of that and many more problems are gone because of a painless 10-minute LASIK procedure.”

“I had my ULTRA LASIK at Shinagawa and it just feels great! It’s a dream come true!

I’ve had nearsightedness since I was eight years old and have had a -5.50 grade for the longest time. Now, I have a beyond perfect 20/12 vision!

All of my friends who’ve undergone LASIK were all right! This was the best decision ever!

Thanks to Dr. Francis Guerrero and all the staff of Shinagawa for making this happen.”

“I am seeing the world in HD now. Having LASIK is honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Thank you, Shinagawa for dispelling my fear of LASIK and for making my whole experience a very pleasant one.

A lot of people have been asking me about my LASIK and I didn’t really feel any pain at all during the procedure.

My eyes healed so well and fast that I can now do all my activities again and even better. So happy that I don’t have problems with my eyesight anymore!”

“Goodbye 275/600, hello 20/12 vision!

Dream come true! Shinagawa’s Ultra LASIK was very quick and painless. Mine was done in just around 5 minutes! I can’t believe it!

This is for those who have blurry vision and are struggling with eyeglasses. Thankful to Shinagawa Lasik Center for making this possible!”

“Yes, I did it! ULTRA LASIK was painless and my procedure took like 5 minutes. It was so fast and now – I swear – everything is in HD!

Having LASIK was one of the best decisions of my life.

Thank you to the wonderful staff and doctors of Shinagawa Philippines for making my LASIK experience so smooth, fast and unforgettable.

If you’re thinking about getting LASIK, stop thinking. Just go do it! You can thank me later.”

“Having LASIK was life-changing! Goodbye blurry vision, glasses, and contact lenses.

Praise God for Shinagawa and its technology that that allows people like me to flourish more in society and have a better quality of life.

It’s good that I’m in the hands of the No. 1 LASIK surgery clinic with the highest number of successful procedures!”

“I had my Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa. It was so fast, I think it was finished in just less than 10 minutes for both eyes. It was really painless.

During and after the procedure, I was really comfortable as it was very lively and positive in the operating room, making it easier for me. It only took me a few minutes to get a clearer vision.

Shinagawa helped me achieve not only a 20/10 vision but an even better 20/10 vision, which is above than the normal eyesight! A million thanks to all the people behind my Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa.

I can’t help but get teary-eyed because of the fact that I’m no longer wearing glasses. I’m just so overjoyed!”

“After years of contemplating, I finally did it! I had LASIK eye surgery at Shinagawa! What a life-changing decision!

I was more excited than nervous. I’ve been dreaming of having LASIK for the longest time.

Since my high school and college life, I’ve been already struggling with my vision. I’ve been with eyeglasses and contact lenses since 2003. It’s really uncomfortable.

There’s really nothing to be afraid of. It’s painless, it’s bladeless and it’s just really fast like around only 10 minutes for both eyes already. It’s a really cool experience.

I was 350/450 before and now, I’m at 20/12. I’m finally ditching my eyeglasses, my contact lenses and solution that I buy every month.

This is really a life-changing moment for me. Everything’s brighter now. Thank you, Shinagawa. It’s a really good investment. If you guys are considering LASIK, I really suggest and highly recommend that you do it.”

“I spent the holidays of 2018 in Japan with good friends. We went to Fuji-Q and took a rollercoaster ride near Mt. Fuji. I felt so bad that I wasn’t able to clearly see the famed mountain during the ride, not because it was covered by clouds (because at that time it wasn’t), but because of my blurry vision — glasses weren’t allowed for obvious reasons.

I knew at that time that I want to, nay, I had to undergo LASIK at Shinagawa. And I did!

Do you know what’s funny? The time it took me to decide was much longer than the entire LASIK procedure. When I finally decided to have LASIK, I was amazed by how fast the procedure was. The procedure proper only took 7 minutes.

Yes, 7 minutes to change my eye grade from 500+ to 20/16. If there’s any regret I have, it’s not having LASIK earlier.”

“I’ve had LASIK for my eyes at Shinagawa. I was literally there (at the operating room) for 5 minutes and after that, I was out! It feels pretty good, I feel great!

From having a really bad vision, I now have a 20/10 vision. I can see perfectly now, and that’s one less thing that I have to worry about. It’s amazing!

It actually feels weird that I don’t have my glasses anymore on top of my head but that’s something I can easily adjust to. It’s great that I don’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore! I don’t feel like there’s salt in my eyes anymore. I can see clearly now without headaches! I can see so much better now!

So if you want a clear 2019 ahead, go to Shinagawa!”

“Without a doubt, I’ve had a more difficult time with eyeglasses than the combined LASIK procedure and its recovery. It only took 6 minutes to get my vision from 150/100 to 20/10! Plus, it’s 100% painless, too!

Thank you so much, Shinagawa Lasik Center!”

“Days of wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses are finally over for me. The whole LASIK procedure at Shinagawa felt painless and it only took 5-7 minutes for me to achieve my 20/10 vision!

Thank you so much to the entire Shinagawa team for taking care of my eyes. This will help a lot in boosting my confidence in playing basketball.”

Troy Montero Testimonial Photo | Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

“I’m seeing better now after having LASIK at Shinagawa! It’s totally worth it! The procedure is very quick and painless. It only took several minutes.

You should inquire to see if LASIK is for you. If you’re interested in having LASIK, I strongly suggest Shinagawa. They really do take good care of you. Cheers to all the doctors and staff of Shinagawa Philippines!”

Kathrina Velarde Testimonial Photo | Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

“I had an eye grade of 425/125 (right eye) and 350 (left eye) with astigmatism. It was really a struggle for me to wear eyeglasses, especially every time I have singing engagements.

It was so difficult to see notes and lyrics from my tablet (I needed a big font to see) and also the audience when I sing; it was really blurry.

Having Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa was such a big help for me. It’s really amazing and it’s really painless!

Now, I have a 20/16 vision, even brighter than 20/20! I no longer need to wear glasses now. I can see everything clearly. I know have a perfect vision! Big thanks to Z Prime and Shinagawa!”

DJ Nick Testimonial Photo | Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics

“If you’ve been wearing glasses for far too long, you can relate to my story. Screwed up glasses in the morning and awkward 3D viewing are stressful, that’s why I wanted to do something.

There was really no stopping me from getting the Z-Prime LASIK procedure. Finally, I can see the world clearly without the help of glasses.

It’s been months since I underwent the painless the Z-Prime LASIK procedure courtesy of Shinagawa and since then, my day-to-day activities have become very special — no more taking moments for granted.

Thank you, Shinagawa!”

“LASIK is finally checked off my bucket list! I used to wear glasses all the time. It hindered me from doing a lot of things. My eye grade went up constantly every year to the point that I can barely see anything. But now, bye-bye to thick glasses, hello clear and beautiful world!

I was also so happy that my LASIK procedure was done in a record-breaking time of 5 minutes and 40 seconds! It was totally painless and fast. It’s like nothing happened. The minute I stepped out of the operating room, I was already reading things that I wasn’t able to read that morning prior to my surgery.

It’s been a year since I had my LASIK and my clear vision remains intact.

From a previous eye grade of 575/650, with astigmatism, my sight went all the way to a 20/10 vision, better than 20/20! If you are suffering from a poor eyesight, try this! It’s never too late. For those who are planning to have LASIK, I highly recommend that you do it at Shinagawa Lasik Center.

They say it’s life-changing and it is, my life was changed! I can assure you it will change your life as it did mine. Thank you so much, Shinagawa!”

“As a father, I’m so glad that my son Josh now has crystal clear HD vision after LASIK! Thanks to Shinagawa for making this possible!”

“I am finally free from eyeglasses and blessed with a better eyesight after undergoing LASIK at Shinagawa. No more blurry eyesight, just laser sharp vision now.

I’m really glad that we found out about the Lasik services of Shinagawa.

Honestly, at first, I was a bit scared and hesitant about the entire procedure but the actual process only took about 7 minutes and everything went well.

And now, I am happy to announce that my current eye vision is 20/10! Yes, you read it right, 20/10, even better than the normal eye vision! I would highly recommend Shinagawa Lasik Center to my family and friends.

“LASIK is really amazing! I came with a very poor vision then I left with a new and brighter eyesight where everything is clearer after LASIK. Just like that.

I was more excited than nervous prior to my LASIK as I won’t be needing glasses anymore.  There’s no reason to be scared at all.

My LASIK lasted for only six minutes (three minutes for each eye), one of the fastest they’ve ever done, and it was absolutely painless. I’m so startled by how quick the procedure was. It’s faster than my shower time! I can’t stress enough how awesome LASIK really is!

Goodbye to glasses! I’m so happy! I’m seeing the world better now and put make-up better than I used to before. I can now read things from afar and I can recognize people’s faces. It’s really a big difference from my eyesight before.

My vision is 20/16 now, which is actually better than 20/20! I can honestly see everything now. Thank you so much to Shinagawa Lasik Center for doing a great job with my eyes! This was one of the best decisions I’ve made my entire life,”

“I had LASIK surgery at Shinagawa. Having LASIK is very special and life-changing for me. Now, I have perfect vision. That’s what matters!

I went through LASIK as I’ve been wearing glasses for the longest time since I was in mid-grade school and it’s a struggle for me. I can’t go to swimming properly, I’m always at the front of the classroom and when I got to college and started radio, I was using more of contact lenses.

It’s just not a great thing to have glasses or contact lenses. I was legally blind without glasses back then, I was around 550/600. It was just a huge hassle.

The turning point was my last checkup. It was then recommended that I should have LASIK surgery and it was something that I’ve considered for the longest time.

I went to Shinagawa LASIK Center and they got me confident about it. The actual LASIK surgery was very quick, comfortable and pain-free! I can then read stuff already right after it. I’m just so thrilled!

Everything was super worth it! No more glasses, no more contact lenses, no more blurred vision. None of these anymore. I’m just so happy that I was able to do this. I’m just really grateful. My vision is so good now, I can see perfectly!”

“If only we could be free from wearing glasses and contacts in a snap… Ever since grade school, I had poor eyesight. As years go by, it just got worse. A lot of daily activities were such a struggle.

Countless glasses and pairs of contacts later, I’ve finally decided to free myself from that burden. Getting my Z Prime LASIK at Shinagawa turned out to be one of the best and most life-changing decisions I’ve ever made.

No more worrying if I’ll fall asleep with my contacts on or be mistaken as a snob whenever I would fail to say hello to someone I actually didn’t see.

I’m so proud to say that I now get to appreciate life more with my 20/12 (even better than 20/20) vision! How I wish I could’ve done it sooner. So thankful to Dr. Albert Dela Cruz and Shinagawa for a wonderful LASIK experience”

“I’ve been wearing glasses for 12 years already since I was in first-year high school and it’s so tough. Every day when I wake up, I’ll immediately look for my glasses because I can barely see anything.

Everything is obscure. For years, my vision depended on lenses and frames. Now, I didn’t have to anymore! I’m finally glasses and contact lens free!

My vision is now bright after LASIK! I never thought I’d ever see the world again through my eyes. From 500/500 vision, I’m just so amazed that I now have 20/10, a vision even better than the normal. And that’s what I call “life-changing.”

LASIK is super fast! I had the procedure in less than 10 minutes, less than 5 minutes per eye and believe it or not, it’s totally painless!

Get LASIK! Thank you, Shinagawa! I’m glad I chose you. Getting LASIK was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! It feels so good to not have to wear glasses anymore. I love you, Shinagawa!”

“My prayers of having a 20/20 vision were answered after meeting the ever-reliable professionals at Shinagawa LASIK Center. I’m very happy that I had LASIK and cross-linking procedures. Now, I’m experiencing and perceiving the world again in a clearer vision.

Having a high eye grade of 950-800 and astigmatism are some of my biggest struggles in life. I’ve had countless struggles for having a poor eyesight before. LASIK has fixed all of that.

Having LASIK was a life-changing decision for me and it is something I will be thankful for a lifetime.”

“Life after LASIK. I am thrilled to share my LASIK experience to all. Ever since I was a kid in school, I already had the unpleasant experience of wearing glasses and contact lenses when I started working.

Then, a 5-minute LASIK procedure at Shinagawa was definitely a life-changing one! I am so happy to be waking up and seeing everything without the need for gladded or contact lenses.

I’m just so amazed! Sorry for saying it all over and sounding silly, but for those with poor eyesight and have the chance to experience LASIK, understand where I’m coming from. For those wondering if they should undergo LASIK, I strongly recommend it if you’re a candidate!
Big thanks to Shinagawa LASIK Center, the best and coolest clinic in town!”

“Finally, everything is much clearer! Big thanks to LASIK and to Shinagawa for making it possible!”

“After having my LASIK eye surgery at Shinagawa, I must say that the procedure really is painless! Now I don’t have to wear graded contact lenses or glasses anymore! I’m finally free! Thank you so much, Shinagawa!”

“I am very happy and thankful for Shinagawa! I’m simply amazed and in awe of what Shinagawa did for me and my eyes!

My surgery was handled very well, it was totally painless and I didn’t even know it started already. In less than 10 minutes, I was done! The post-operation orientation was actually longer than the actual surgery.

After my Ultra LASIK surgery, I am now experiencing a 20/16 vision (from 400 (right eye) and 375 (left eye) with astigmatism)! This is far better than a 20/20 vision. You guys don’t know how extremely happy I am after this! I thought I’ll be living with a poor eyesight for life. Since I was in prep, I’ve been settling for a poor with a high eye grade. I experienced all the difficulties that goes along with having a very poor eyesight.

Now, I am so glad and excited to be experiencing the full effect of Shinagawa’s Ultra LASIK. I already said goodbye to my eyeglasses, and neglected my contact lenses completely. Never have I imagined that this would be possible! This LASIK experience is truly a game-changer. I suddenly feel like a new born with this perfect vision I have now!

“I’m so happy that I got to experience the latest LASIK surgery at Shinagawa. It took only 7 minutes for the procedure with no pain at all.

From 300 grade vision, I am now at 20/10! Yes, even better than 20/20! For almost 10 years, I’ve been wearing glasses and graded contact lenses and now, I’m no longer putting any of them.

Thank you very much to Shinagawa for making sure that I am all taken care of and to all the staff who’s very sweet, funny and accommodating and to our ophthalmologist, Dr. Francis Albert Guerrero. So much love to all!”

“Like most, I also had difficulty with my vision since I was 18. Contact lenses and eyeglasses helped me over the years but those aren’t enough to enjoy a clear vision, especially when I’m in the gym or doing outdoor activities.

Then, I discovered that there is now a great and easy way to enhance my vision through LASIK surgery at Shinagawa. Without hesitation, I availed their Z PRIME LASIK. At first, I got nervous but to my surprise, I am shocked that in just less than 10 minutes, the operation was finished right away without feeling any pain at all!

From 280/20, my vision is now beyond perfect at 20/12! It’s amazing how quick the surgery was and after just a day, I was already back to work like nothing happened except now, I can see everything in high quality!

On the day of the operation, the Shinagawa staff explained everything step-by-step to make the procedure easier. Thanks for the very helpful and friendly ophthalmologist of Shinagawa in Ortigas, Dr. Guerrero.

My Shinagawa experience is life changing!”

“From a grade of 275 (left eye) & 575 (right eye) my vision is now 20/12! My vision is as clear as EVER! It was a quick and painless procedure and everyone at Shinagawa looked after us with great care.”

“I never imagined how fast and painless LASIK surgery could be. Shinagawa Lasik Center made a miracle out of my poor eyesight!”

It took me a long time to finally have LASIK surgery and I wish I had it done sooner. I am now free from glasses and contact lenses. Everyone at Shinagawa made the entire procedure a breeze.

“I had LASIK done at Shinagawa and I’m so happy with the outcome. It was scary at first but it was over and done with so fast!

The entire Shinagawa team made me feel very safe every step of the way! I can finally say goodbye to the hassle of contact lens and glasses!”

“It’s truly life-changing and I still can’t believe I’m no longer dependent to eyeglasses and contact lenses to see things so clearly. Thanks to Dr. Albert Guerrero and the entire clinic staff for this life-changing experience. What a great gift”

“It’s unbelievable! I now have 20/12 vision, better than 20/20! Getting LASIK at Shinagawa is an experience I will never forget and, more importantly, never regret. The only thing I regret about it is not deciding to get it done sooner.

It’s the first time since I was 7 years old that I could see the world so clearly without any prescription eyeglasses nor contact lenses. Thank you Shinagawa Lasik Center for the gift of crystal clear vision I am now enjoying!”

“Being in the entertainment industry for 30 years now, aside from my voice, it’s really significant for me to have good vision since work entails to read our lines in either prompter or boards. Having performed my LASIK is one great decision! I can see clearly now. Thanks to my Shinagawa Family.”

“It’s a dream come true to have a better vision again! I now have a 20/10 vision that’s even better than 20/20. Wow!

Thank you so much to my Shinagawa family for taking care of me and giving me this opportunity to see things clearly again. I highly recommend everyone who wear glasses or contacts to get LASIK surgery. It will change your life for sure.”

“Honestly, I was a cynic at first and it took me awhile to convince myself because I had a lot of doubts and the word “surgery” gives me an uneasy feeling. But then I decided to get rid of my contact lenses and glasses and step out of my comfort zone. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 and I can’t believe that after an 8-minute procedure, I now have a 20/20 vision! Never thought that I could still see a much clearer and brighter world with my eyes!”

“OMG! It’s really unbelievable that from 300/600 for 13 years, I got 20/12 vision in just 7 minutes. Words can’t describe how happy I am that I made this decision. Thank you Shinagawa for helping me achieve my crystal clear vision!

I have been wearing glasses since I was around 7 years old then I started wearing contact lenses when I was 11 years old. I learned about Shinagawa’s LASIK services online and I have been hearing a lot of good feedback about them. My friend who had LASIK also convinced me that the procedure is really safe and beneficial. I have been meaning to do LASIK for so long so I told myself, ‘Why not give it a go?’

The entire LASIK experience was smooth and pleasant. Everyone in the clinic was so accommodating. The medical team and staff made sure that I feel safe and they attended to my needs. The surgery was also really fast and painless.

I would definitely recommend Shinagawa’s LASIK to those who want to get back their crystal clear vision. In fact, I’ve now been convincing my four-eyed friends to get LASIK now. It’s really liberating.”

“Before Shinagawa Lasik Center came into my life, I was so blind and couldn’t go through a day without wearing glasses or contacts. When I would wear contacts, my eyes would get irritated from crying scenes on set, sometimes they would even fall out while I play basketball. When I’d wear glasses, I would get headaches from prolonged use. I can confidently say that undergoing LASIK surgery is the best decision I’ve ever made. After LASIK, my vision is even clearer than it ever was back then when I would wear contacts or glasses. From -4.50 to 20/12 (for those that don’t know – 20/12 is better than 20/20 vision) my sight is now better than normal. I can now see all the wonderful creations of God clearly – thanks to the help and kindness of Shinagawa! My mom and brother are next .”

“After so many years of deciding and backing out, I finally got LASIK at Shinagawa. It’s safe. It’s painless. And it’s fast. The procedure took only 5 minutes for me. Unbelievable!

I cannot believe I tortured myself by wearing contact lenses and eye glasses for several years. Now I have 20/12 (yes, even better than 20/20) vision! The migraines, also gone. Every cent spent on this investment is definitely well worth it. I wish I could have done this sooner.

Shinagawa is the best! I had my LASIK there almost two years ago and my eyesight is still in top shape.”

“Woah! The LASIK surgery was really fast. The procedure was performed in less than 10 minutes and I did not feel any pain at all. Totally painless! Now, I won’t need to wear eyeglasses anymore and my eyes won’t get irritated by contact lenses. I have suffered from poor vision for a long time, but now it’s crystal clear—from 375 to 20/20 vision. Thank you so much Shinagawa Lasik Center!”

“I can’t remember the last time I saw the world like this. For 20 years, I wore prescription glasses but never have I experienced vision this clear. The hassle of removing your glasses before you sleep, looking for them when you wake up, wiping them when they get wet, and most especially the weight on your face are all gone!

All it took was a day off, a few hours of testing and 15 minutes in the operating room.

The staff at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics are exceptionally friendly so you won’t feel the heart pumping fear of the operation. Post operation was a bit scary because your eye sight will be blurred until the next day. So you either hire a driver, take a cab or let your friend drive you.

Few days after? I’m enjoying the stars in Hanoi, Vietnam, the fireworks in Phuket, Thailand and the rich colors of clothes in Bangkok, Thailand.

See the world clearly now. Come to Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics. They have the most advanced technology in laser vision correction.”

“Getting LASIK surgery is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. And having it done at Shinagawa Lasik Center was the right choice.

They were very accommodating and as soon as I entered the place, it was so calm and relaxing as if I was about to get a massage. They explained to me everything I had to do before, during and after surgery. People were very well spoken and they themselves have done LASIK so you know that they are 100% certain of what they’re saying.

I have very low pain tolerance but I was surprised how quick and painless it was. Mine lasted for about 15 minutes maximum. I can’t believe that I only needed that amount of time to see even the smallest detail in this world! Now, I can dance, work out, scuba dive and travel anywhere without having to wear contact lenses! The best!!!

Do not let fear stop you from experiencing the best in life.

Considering LASIK? Have it done at Shinagawa Lasik Center. Highly recommended!”

“Having LASIK at Shinagawa Clinic was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The difference in my vision shortly after the procedure was immediate and I could see so clearly the day after. I am officially saying goodbye to my eyeglasses and hello to crystal clear and HD vision! It was indeed amazing, it works like magic! Everyone and everything at Shinagawa Clinic was just great.”

“So happy to have had my LASIK surgery done with Shinagawa Lasik Center! Hassle free traveling without contacts.”

“October 15, 2016 was the last day I wore my eyeglasses because on that same day, I had my Z LASIK surgery at Shinagawa Lasik Center. Surprisingly, the procedure only took 7 minutes (for both eyes). At first, I was in tears for several hours (an expected downtime) but four hours later, I knew it was already “tears of joy”. I could see clearly!

Now my vision is 20/20 and I get so ecstatic when I clearly read the traffic signs and fine prints and easily recognize faces. Many thanks to Shinagawa Lasik Center and to Dr. Albert Guerrero who made the surgery so safe, fast and totally painless. Life changing indeed”

“My vision is now 20/20! Thank you to Shinagawa for taking good care of me. They explained everything step by step. My procedure took only 6 min for both eyes. Can you imagine how fast it is? It was not invasive at all. Totally painless, bladeless and safe! I would highly recommend their Z-LASIK Surgery! Goodbye glasses and contact lenses.”

“Lasik date with Jhazmine at Shinagawa! Sobrang worth it (LASIK), and sobrang bilis! Thank you for taking care of our eyes!

You can book your comprehensive eye screening and do your LASIK the same day at their Shinagawa branches guys!”

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