Patient Testimonials

“Thank you so much to my Shinagawa family for taking good care of my teeth. It’ easier for me to maintain with the help of the advanced dental treatments that I get. 
Shinagawa helps me be at my best in terms of my health and appearance.”

“I used to shy away from camera especially if it’s a close up take because i don’t feel confident in showing my teeth. But thanks to Shinagawa Ortho, i can now smile big, a smile with confidence that i have been wanting for the longest time. It’s life changing experience. Now i can definitely do what they say; start and end your day with a SMILE”

“First of all, I would like to thank Shinagawa for doing my conventional braces. Thank you for providing me a quality service that can be seen with their professional works and high end equipments. I never thought that having braces can be as easy as it is now.

Before they have started any procedure, I thought that it will be too painful and hard because of others “hellish experiences” with their braces. But thanks to my dentist that works with care and the advance technology of Shinagawa, it wasn’t painful as I thought it will be.

From the surgery to to putting of molar separator and molar bonds to finally installing the braces, I felt a bit pang of pain but I was still able to eat normally. And for the last two months, I saw a big difference in my teeth right away.

With this, I know I can achieve my best smiles in no time. Thank you Shinagawa!”

“Appearance is very important when working in the reception desk and being the front line person of the company.

So when I was considering wearing braces to improve my smile, I went for self-ligating ceramic braces.

They’re advantageous because they worked like metal braces but were hardly visible in my mouth. I could talk and smile to people without getting self-conscious. For people out there who want to improve their smile, I would highly recommend going to Shinagawa Orthodontics and Aesthetics Dentistry. Trust only the experts!”

“From the moment that I stepped in their Makati branch, I was welcomed by their friendly staff. The ambiance is also very calming like you’re just chilling.

Thank you for making my teeth whiter! It only took me 2 hrs to achieve these pearly whites!

Doc also thorougly explained the aftercare process after bleaching my teeth. No to hot and cold beverages muna to avoid triggering sensitivity.

10/10 would recommend Shinagawa ! They don’t only provide excellent Lasik services but outstanding ortho services as well.”

“I’m so glad to have found my brighter smile with Shinagawa and I am privileged to be taken care of by smile experts Doc Darwin and Dra. Frances. More so, it feels great to personally meet Dr. Kiyoshi Tai, internationally renowned in the field of Orthodontics”

“I was really struggling with whitening my teeth for the longest time. No matter how much I brush it constantly and how on schedule I am with my cleaning every six months, my teeth just couldn’t achieve a shiny white color.

Shinagawa’s Teeth Whitening procedure then became my game-changer. I tried it as referred to me and true enough, it was legit! The procedure is a cut above the rest as it quickly made a difference and whitened my teeth evidently in a snap! Now, no more yellow-tinged teeth for me, at last.”

“Right on time when I was really looking for a reputable clinic and Orthodontist, I learned that Shinagawa offers quality materials and professional treatment for my case.

I have a Deep Bite and Tooth Gaps that makes me really conscious when I laugh too hard.

Many questions came to my mind before finally deciding to give it a go.  Treatments are well explained and facilities are well maintained at Shinagawa.”

“It’s actually whiter right after the treatment. I’m so happy with the results and this is the whitest of my teeth ever!, I guess I’ll do this again next year.”

“I have an underbite, which makes me uncomfortable and self-conscious at times, so I got braces at Shinagawa to correct the issue. I could really see and feel the improvement just one month. I can really say that my teeth movement is fast. Can’t wait to take off my braces in just a few more months and flash my killer smile to everyone.”