Shinagawa Forges Partnership with Civil Military Operations Regiment (CMOR) | Shinagawa News & Events

In line with its mission of spreading awareness of the significance of proper eye care and having a bright vision, Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics forged a strong partnership with the Philippine Army’s Civil-Military Operations Regiment (CMOR).

The monumental pact was sealed last July 6 at the CMOR headquarters in Fort Andres Bonifacio in Taguig City.

Shinagawa x CMOR (1) | Shinagawa News & Events

Shinagawa handpicked this partnership as CMOR has the most comprehensive scope in terms of network, being able to serve nationwide. With that, more Filipinos who need vision correction can be reached easier and helped, accordingly.

This beneficial tie-up aims likewise to benefit CMOR officials and members with Shinagawa providing appropriate aid and exclusive packages for proper eye care and vision correction services, strengthening the military team even more.

Backed by top-notch eye care and enhanced vision from Shinagawa, CMOR can also further fulfill its responsibilities sharper as it continues its mantra of “winning hearts, winning minds”

The Regiment is taking significant steps in transforming itself into a professional Civil-Military Operations (CMO) unit under the PA’s vision of a world-class army.

The power of collaboration is expected to be on full display with this unique set-up.