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Dental Crown For Your Damaged Tooth

Do you happen to have a cracked or chipped tooth and become shy of smiling because of it?

Worry no more because having Dental Crown is the instant answer to your nagging teeth problems.

A dental crown is a cover that your dentist put on your damaged tooth. The crown acts as a cap to your tooth’s imperfection. It is also made according to the size, shape, and it functions like a real tooth. It is also stronger and improves its appearance.

Here are some amazing benefits you can get from Dental Crowns:

  1. Beautiful Smile – Dental Crowns act as a cap to the imperfection of your teeth. It can also fill gaps in your smile left by the missing teeth.
  2. Custom-made – Dental Crowns are specially made for you so no need to worry that it will not be able to fill your damaged teeth, also it is made at the exact size and shape of your teeth
  3. Look Natural – Dental Crown can bring your smile back because it is cemented into place and will look natural just like your natural teeth.
  4. Strong and Permanent – Dental crown is made of porcelain so you know that it is strong and crown matches the color of your natural teeth.
  5. Doesn’t need to be replaced often – Dental crown may need to be replaced depending if it gets damaged, gets discolored that it no longer matches the color of your teeth or if it shows signs of tooth decay on its edges.
  6. Long-term Solutions- Crowns could last up to 20-30 years. That is as twice as the dental filling could last.

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