Depression Cause Vision Problems

Depression Can Be Caused by Low Vision

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss in adults over 50. Currently, millions of Filipinos have vision challenges due to advanced AMD.

AMD Can Profoundly Affect Emotional And Mental Health

For those who suffer from AMD and for those caring for them, it’s essential to realize the emotional impact vision loss can have. Some people lose the hobbies they’ve loved for a lifetime. Many lose the independence that comes with being able to drive a car. Others even lose the ability to recognize loved ones’ faces.

A Proactive Plan Helps Prevent Depression

Studies have found that patients with AMD in both eyes are 25% more likely to develop clinical depression. However, in a study at Thomas Jefferson University, researchers found that utilizing coping techniques can reduce clinical depression risk by half!

“Coping techniques” are creative ways adults with vision loss can continue to function independently and enjoy their favorite activities. For example, whether mobility is restricted, consider options for public transit, car services, or grocery delivery systems. Special computers and magnifying lenses can help. Some adjustments to the house may be in order, such as improved lighting and more visible markers on labels and knobs.

Are You, Or Is Someone You Love And Care For, Over 60? Take Action

If you’re over 60 years of age, you’re at risk for AMD and other age-related eye conditions. 

Get a comprehensive eye exam every year to catch and treat issues early. Once you’ve been diagnosed with AMD, it may be time to devise a plan and find various coping techniques. 

Let our expert team help! We have the resources, tools, and experience to help you fight potential depression and to assist patients in living their entire life.

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