Dr Anthony John Samonte Training at Tachikawa Institute

In an effort to improve patient care, Dr Anthony John Samonte, Medical Director of Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics Philippines, went on an intensive training at Tachikawa Institute with one of Shinagawa Skin clinic’s esteemed cosmetic surgeon, Dr Tetsuyuki Wada.

Dr. Samonte had a hands-on experience in the Shinagawa way of innovative procedures & techniques with the mentorship of Dr. Wada. “I had a very fruitful and informative days while working with Dr. Wada. I had the privilege of learning new thread techniques, transconjunctival blepharoplasty, facial liposuction, fillers and botulinum toxin use”Doc Anthony John Samonte

Here are the advanced medical techniques of cosmetic procedures that they’re using in Japan:

1) New thread face lift technique. This is a recommended cosmetic treatment for sagging cheeks and laugh lines. With the new technique, the thread is inserted on the the targeted area for best results. It’s an instant way to have a fresh and less tired look without undergoing a surgery.

2) Minimal invasive lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Uses a different method in removing eyebag through transconjunctival lower-eyelid technique. With this technique, the excess skin is removed by accessing the fat from inside the eyelid instead of cutting through muscle and septum intact which is the case in normal blepharoplasty. With this, there is a minimal scars, and downtime.

3) Facial contouring using liposuction. Overweight or not, there maybe fat on your face and neck that you want to remove. This fat can be removed permanently through facial liposuction. The technique uses cannula which is connected to a suction pump to do the fat cells extraction. It is a safe cosmetic treatment for skin tightening and facial rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

With these new medical procedures, Dr Samonte is confident that he is using the best technique and procedures applied to patients here in the Philippines. For cosmetic doctors, the satisfaction of their patients is their fulfillment. With that, they never stop learning just to give their patients the best possible aesthetic procedure.

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  1. april molleda luneta
    april molleda luneta says:

    Dear Dr. Samonte,

    Good Day!
    I was one of your patients who undergone for rhinoplasty last April, 14,2014. My mom, Arlene Molleda , as well as my sister, Arren May Carandang, were among your patients, as well. i would just like to know about the small bump that grew in the upper part of my nose, it was almost a week now ( since last Jan. 13,2015 ). It is soft, not painful, but little annoying in my face. i would like to have an appointment on you , but I went back in U.A.E. for work already. (which I have mentioned on you during the operation). I’m not taking any medicine except for Vitamin E capsule.
    I would highly appreciate your kind and immediate response regarding this matter. It would be a privileged for me to have your e-mail or contact no., so i can send you the photo of my nose and the bump. Below are my contact details, as well.

    Best regards,
    April Molleda Luneta
    E: april12_uae@yahoo.com
    T: +971 56 228 0711


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