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Effective Night Skincare Routine

Ending your day right is just as important as starting it well. After a long day doing all your activities and errands, it’s important for you to clean your skin before dozing off and going to sleep.

In our previous entry, we shared with you the proper morning skincare routine.  Having a good one at night is just as important.

At night time, your routine will be similar to your morning plan with some basic changes. Here are some effective and highly-suggested ways:

Cleansing – You can use an oil-based makeup remover to avoid pulling or scrubbing at the skin. Then, gently rinse with warm water and clean skin with a mild cleanser.

Toners And boosters – You can use the similar toner you use in the mornings at nighttime. You can also apply mists, boosters, and essences that can add glow and vitality to your skin.

Eye Cream – Starting in your 20s, it is beneficial to apply eye cream each night. In addition to moisturizing and healing sun damage, eye creams can also protect the sensitive skin around the eyes as you apply potentially harsh skincare products like exfoliants or acne treatments.

Treatments And Exfoliants – For this one, it is important for you to be discussing it with a dermatologist about the right products for your skin type. Treatments may include products for conditions such as acne or rosacea. You may also want to use a detoxifying or clarifying mask once or twice a week. You can use exfoliating products a few times each week to remove dry or dead skin cells.

Hydration – A lot of moisture is lost from the skin at night while we sleep. You may want to apply an extra hydrating mask or skin oil a few times a week or every night if you have dry skin. You should also apply a moisturizer or night cream liberally before going to sleep.

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